Celebrity Deathmatch: Eminem vs. Kid Rock

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gha-P7Dsi_E]
It may be a little too late for a "Flashback Friday" post, since it's officially Saturday, but it's never too late to post anything on a flashback. 
So here's a Flashback Saturday Night, of one of my favorite MTV shows growing up, "Celebrity Deathmatch". If this show was before your time: It was a show about animated clay celebrities, fighting in a ring. 
They would put two celebrities to fight in a ring that either had real beef with each other in reality, or two celebs that had something in common. Like for instance this match you see above, Kid Rock vs. Eminem; now, if you really know music Eminem is no comparison to Kid Rock, since Eminem is one of the great rappers to ever walk on the planet. BUT, at the time Eminem and Kid Rock were just beginning their careers and both were "white rappers". 
By the way, I never considered Kid Rock to be a rapper. And I liked Rock; I even bought two of his albums as a pre-teen. 
Celebrity Deathmatch was a fun show. Not sure how the actual celebs felt about it, but the viewers liked it...and it wasn't real; which made it okay to like it. 
I thought the show was gonna comeback, too. A couple years ago I heard the show was gonna return. I hope it still does.