Knicks: Let The Games Begin

Let the 2016 NBA Free Agency, begin.

The wait is over. The free passes, are now over. This is the offseason where Phil Jackson has to deliver some star players.

And so far this offseason, he's done that. He's gotta big name in Derrick Rose; the Knicks desperately needed a point-guard and they ended up getting a superstar name for that position. Sure, Rose he's a player whose gotten some injuries and isn't the MVP caliber player he use to be, but for the price they got him for and only for a one-year deal, you couldn't beat that.

Phil got one star and might get second big name as earlier as tonight, in Joakim Noah.

The Knicks were in need of a center, after trading Robin Lopez to the Chicago Bulls for Rose, now they're on the verge of getting another Bull to fill up the center position.

So right off the bat, the Zen Master might officially start the 2016 NBA free agency with Rose and Noah on the Knicks, to team up with Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis. Not bad...

Now the Knicks need to fill the pieces around those four. A shooting guard is also on the list of the Knickerbockers of what's next to fill.

After the Noah deal is officially inked, I think the Knicks have to go hard for Nicolas Batum. To me, that's the next guy to get if you want the Knicks to go from last to first. You add Batum with those four that's on the Knicks, how can that team not make the playoffs.

It looks like the Noah deal will be official soon, although I'm hoping it isn't for $18 million per, but if it is, oh well. Then after that, it gets interesting. Because we're gonna see if other free agents will be attracted by the Knicks and what they have now, besides what they had last offseason.