VIDEO: Melo at 59th Puerto Rican Day Parade; Tremendous Interview.

The Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony attended the 59th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. 
From any interview Melo has done, from being on Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, this was the BEST interview I've ever seen him do. He was outstanding. I guess when you're around other Puerto Ricans, you feel right at home. 
But what made this interview so great, was Melo speaking on his soccer team he's building in Puerto Rico; hearing that he's build several basketball courts and really devoting his effort to the island, so the people of Puerto Rico can have opportunities; especially in the crisis they're in. 
When us Knick fans watch the Knicks struggle the past few years with Melo, while he's making all this money, we're always negative toward the team and him. Then you see the things he's doing outside of basketball, for Puerto Rico, as Knick fans you have to appreciate what he's doing. Especially if you're a Knick fan whose Puerto Rican, like myself. You have to respect that.
I know the Knicks haven't been where we want them to be, but people's lives come first -- and Melo is helping struggling lives. He's basically giving back, to what was given to him. Now I wanna root for him and his soccer team, even though I'm not into soccer.

I even want that shirt he was wearing. 

I remember when he was a free agent a couple of years ago, and I stated how he needed to stay with the Knicks because it'll only be fitting for him to win a championship with the Knicks. Winning it elsewhere wouldn't be right. 
Proud of him.