If Teams Want Chapman, They Should Take Ellsbury Too

At this point, trying to root for the New York Yankees is very difficult. As right now, I'm not taking this as a sure season ender in early June - yet - but I'm expecting no playoffs this season.

Me expecting the Yankees to not make the playoffs in EARLY JUNE, would be something I could've never dealt with a few years ago. But there was a reason for that since they made the playoffs almost every year, in those years. Right now I understand how old and bad this team is.

So with that mindset, should I be thinking about the Yankees trading their prospects for Sonny Grey!? No! It means the Yankees have to do something I've never seen them do, in my twenty years, and that is to become sellers in July.

Now if the Yankees are gonna trade Aroldis Chapman, I want something good in return. I want a prospects that's most likely ready to play in the 2017 season. If the Yankees are talking to the Chicago Cubs about Chapman, I want Kyle Schwarber. I want a top minor leaguer, who'll be ready to play next season.

But you know what, if teams want Chapman, but become stingy for their top prospects, this is what I'd do if I'm Yankee general manger Brian Cashman. I'd say: 'Okay, you can have Chapman for a B prospect, but you're gonna have to take Jacoby Ellsbury, as well.'

Yankees may not get a big time prospect back, but they'll shed a lot of money and free up a spot in centerfield for Aaron Hicks or can bring one of their prospects up.

Do what the Boston Red Sox did in 2012, when they traded Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett to the Los Angeles Dodgers. While the Dodgers sent back six players back and two players to be named later. Well, one of those "players to be named later" turned out to be Xander Bogaerts.

It's not like Ellsbury's a bad player. He's not, by any means. When he's hot, he can help a playoff team. You're gonna tell me a winning player like Ellsbury wouldn't help a team like the San Francisco Giants? And he needs to play in a ballpark like the AT&T Park, where there's deep gaps, so he can hit doubles and triples. In Yankees Stadium he can't do that with those close fences.

Ellbury has fours year left on his contract, with a 5th year option that has a $5 million dollar buyout. He's also making $21 million per. Even though I'd expect the Yankees to eat some of that.

Of course, the Yankees would love to get rid of the entire contract, but they're gonna have to pay him for the next four years, anyways. Why not eat some of the contract and at the same time they can open spots in the outfield for their prospects or for another free agent.

The Dodgers can take Ellsbury's contract. I'd offer Chapman or Miller, Ellsbury for Yasiel Puig and prospects. I know Puig has been bad, but I'll take my chances with him on the Yankees.

As for the Yankees trading Miller, he's got two years left on his contract, unlike Chapman whose gonna be a free agent this coming offseason. So it'll be difficult to add Ellsbury with Miller.

So if the Yankees are gonna become sellers, they gotta do it right.