Best SNL Season 41 Musical Performances

Growing up watching Saturday Night Live, the musical guest was always my favorite part of the show. Of course I've always look forward to the comedy. But growing up in New York, there's just something special about that musical stage on studio 8H.

To me, the SNL musical stage is one of the biggest stages in entertainment. Why? Because when you're performing on that stage, it's gonna be live, late night on national television, on NBC, combined with the legends who've sang on that very stage. Legends from Nirvana, Tupac Shakur, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Prince.

And this may be opinionated, but that stage is so cool to me. It has a old school New York City vibe to it; the nostalgia it brings. I love the built Grand Central Station theme and (this may seem odd) the scratched up floor. That floor looks like it hasn't been waxed since the 1970's and I love it!

I don't like much of the music today. But when a newbie performs on SNL, I listen and can understand why that musician is on that stage. And on season 41, there was some great performances from old faces and one newbie that reminded me of the old faces.

Kanye West - "Hightlights" ft. The-Dream, El DeBarge, Kelly Price, Young Thug & ASAP Bari
 February 13th, 2016
As Mr.West debuts "The Life Of Pablo" on February of this year, he brought along team of Kelly Price, The-Dream and the great El DeBarge. 
Would've liked to hear Kanye rap, more. 

Alicia Keys - "In Common" May 7th, 2016


One of the best female vocals of the past fifth-teen years debuted her new song "In Common" on the May 7th edition of SNL. 
I loved the new look Keys brought; almost this Cuban/Caribbean style to her hairdo and big loop earrings.

Future - "Low Life" ft. The Weeknd 
March 5th, 2016


Not the biggest Future fan because I'm not much of fan of trap music, but the hook to "Low Life" is pretty dope. And it was dope because the Weeknd sang it. 

Gwen Stefani - "Make Me Like You" 
April 2nd, 2016
Eh... Not all fond of the lovey dovey music or whatever is going on in miss.Gwen Stefani's private life, but I'm a big fan of her past great music from her singles to No Doubt,  and I like the sound to "Make Me Like You". 
Stefani is one of the unique voices of all-time. 
Ariana Grande - "Dangerous Woman" 
March 12th, 2016
I know this is nothing new, but Ariana Grande has turn into one of the great voices of this generation. In the past couple of years, she's releases a lot of big hits, and this year seems like the same. I don't think anyone could have sounded better than Grande, on this song, "Dangerous Woman". 
This song sounds like something you'll hear on movies, where the woman is the main character. Those types of songs are big hits and last a long, long time. Which means Grande's bank account will pile up.
Disclosure - "Magnets" fr. Lorde 
November 14th, 2015
To me, Disclosure is the second coming of Daft Punk. The beats they make are like combination of old school tech music, mix in with new school. 
The "Magnets" beat was made for Lorde. She killed this song. One of my favorite female musicians in this generation; no question. 
Disclosure - "Omen" ft. Sam Smith 
November 14th, 2015
Not only Disclosure gave us one great song that night on SNL, they decided: 'Welp, we gave them Lorde, now let's give them Sam Smith'. On the same night! 
Love the beat to "Omen". Right when Smith finished the hook and enters the verse (which is on 2:00) that's where the genius of the sound to this song comes in, and when Smith lays it on the beat perfectly.
Ariana Grande - "Be Alright" 
March 12th, 2016
This a prototypical Ariana song. I can see "Be Alright" being a top song this summer. 
"Be Alright" has something nostalgic to it. It could've been heard in 1995. It has that feel good sound to it, where you can look back ten years later and say: 'Man, I miss 2016'. 
By the way, Grande was outstanding on SNL - singing and hosting. What a talent.
Courtney Barrett - "Nobody Really Cares If You Don't Go to the Party" 
May 21st, 2016
Main stream media, if you're reading this, PLEASE bring this type of music back! You wanna add your pretty, cute Disney singers, fine! But also add Courtney Barrett to the loop.
I first heard "Nobody Really If You Don't Go to the Party" on the Stephen Colbert show and fell in-love with it. Reason why is because I haven't new age grunge music in the last two decades. I grew up to alternative rock and that type of music made all-around music great. If the main stream media can bring back rock music like this, it'll diverse the music industry, again.
Kanye West - "Ultralight Beam" ft. Kelly Price, The-Dream & Chance The Rapper 
February 13th, 2016 
Kanye didn't really perform in this performance to "Ultralight Beam but he was responsible for putting the song together, alongside his "ghost writers". 
Such profound performance, by Kelly Price, The-Dream and most importantly Chance The Rapper who was on fire. 
What Kanye West did with this song, is what Tupac Shakur would've done if he were alive today.