NYC: Biggie Smalls Pop-Up Shop Opens in Bowery

With this Saturday being the birthday of the greatest rapper of all-time, Biggie Smalls, in Bowery, Manhattan, opened a five day pop-up shop for the legendary rapper, from the brand Invisible Bully.

The pop-up store is opened from today to Monday. So you have a lot of time to get a Biggie merchandise.

But what were they selling?! Well, let me show you! Let me show you, then!

First, let me show you the front store. Incase you're finding the spot or close to it, you can't miss the big Bad Boy logo on the door.

This was the shirt I saw and the only shirt I left with. I loved it, instantly. The style reminded me of Kanye West's Life Of Pablo shirt; with the calligraphy font.

The front lettering reads: "Big, Legend, 05.21.16/est. 1972

Then on the back of the shirt (the picture you see on the bottom) is the same lettering at the front, but bigger calligraphy letters.

This is me, with the actual shirt on and I have a medium size. Fits absolutely true to size.

There were also a lot more shirts, sweaters and hoodies; and there more merchandizes, but I couldn't hang around the store for too long since Revolt television were shooting and they had let in the next batch of customers in the store. It was only five customers, per.

I would've probably bought this, if I didn't see that other shirt. It's a long-sleeve sweater, reading "Sicker Than Your Average" which is a lyric from Biggie Smalls' "Juicy".
There were footwear, from Android Homme. 

And finally, with me being an art junkie, I had to take these art photos of Biggie. 
The art work you see above is his infamous video footage of him rapping on the streets of Brooklyn, before his fame.
Then the bottom is Bigger and P.Diddy. More of a graffiti style of art. Beautiful.
Since his passing nineteen years ago and remembering waking up that Sunday morning in March, to hear Biggie Smalls died, I felt like it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to us urban folks who were growing up in Brooklyn and still growing up there, and not having a leader from Brooklyn, who grew up like we did and had to struggle like we did, make all the way to the top then have it taken away. And this wasn't someone who got famous and was from Brooklyn. This was a musical genius. Forget hip-hop, this was an icon in music history.
But seeing this pop-up store and watching the customers come in the store and sing his songs while they were playing, made me realize Biggie Smalls is never going away.