Yankees Should Eye Kyle Schwarber at Deadline

You must be saying: 'But Aaron, isn't Kyle Schwarber injured'?

He is. Schwarber had a season ending injury, where he tore his ACL and LCL on his knee. But if you're the New York Yankees, you should still be interested in the injured Schwarber.

Why say?

The Yankees who are now 9-17 to start the season and are a couple of loses away from being in full tank mode and could begin an early fire sale. That being said, one of those items the Yankees could be selling, the Chicago Cubs would love to have. That item could possibly be a closer.

You don't think the Cubs wouldn't like to have either Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman as their closer, and most importantly as their missing piece to a World Series Championship?

My purpose deal: Miller or Chapman for Schwarber.

Once I heard about Schwarber's injury, I immediately thought about the Yankees. Schwarber plays left field for the Cubs and too big to play the position, and there were many rumors about him possibly getting traded to an American League team. Of course, what American League team would be love to have a power-hitting lefty DH for their ballpark, than Yankee Stadium.

As a Yankee fan, I hate to talk about tanking the season. I've never, ever been part of the Yankees when they had to become sellers in a season. Never! I'm one of the spoiled, bratty Yankees fans for the past twenty years. But I have to come to realization and I really wanna see my team get younger. I'm also excited for the young talent down in the minors. But in order to see him them sooner, we have to get rid of these contracts, first.

With prospects like Aaron Judge, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez, Jorge Mateo, then if they can some how add Schwarber to that group, the Yankees could be a young elite team, quickly.

I understand Schwarber is a DH, but the Yankees can afford to put him in the outfield for one more season until Alex Rodriguez retires, then Schwarber will slip in the DH.

Also, acquiring him would be insurance for Bird. If Bird is not the player we're expected him to be, then the Yankees can put Schwarber at first base.

Imagine if the Yankees had Judge and Schwarber in the middle of the lineup for the next ten years?

The Cubs won't miss him. Hell, they're not missing him now, as they have the best record in the league in 21-6. And after the injury he suffered, they can't put him in the outfield.

Chapman or Miller for Schwarber. Cubs and Yankees can make this happen.