Yankees: It's Aaron Judge, Time.

No more excuses. Bring the kid up.

With the Yankees losing their sixth straight wasn't bad enough, they lose their best hitter in the lineup, Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod, who had a homerun and 4 RBIs on Sunday night against the Boston Red Sox a Fenway Park, popped his right hamstring running to first base in ground ball out, in today's game against the Orioles at Baltimore. He told reporters he felt a big "pop" and was currently sore.

Now, last week I thought A-Rod was gonna miss time with that strain oblique muscle. But everything seems okay. Although a pulled hamstring can be really troublesome. He could miss a month due to this injury.

That being said, it is time to bring up right fielder, top prospect, Aaron Judge, if A-Rod does go on the D.L.

When are the Yankees gonna bring up Judge? Next year? The year after that? When he's 30-years-old? Bring him up NOW! A-Rod getting hurt, and possibly being placed on the D.L., is a sign from the baseball gods saying: TIME TO GET YOUNG, NOW!

This is a perfect time to bring up Judge, if the Yankees tank throughout the season. He'll be in a can't-lose situation and at least Judge will have a taste of the majors and will be ready to take over the right fielder position, once Carlos Beltran is no longer here.

And who knows, Judge might bring the Yankees back to life.

Last week when A-Rod strained his oblique and we all thought he was gonna be sent the D.L. then, there was question where the Yankees would bring up Judge or outfielder Ben Gamel. Now, Gamel doesn't look that bad; he's gotta nice quick bat, got speed, he seems like the guy who'd replace Brett Gardner, some day.

The Yankees really need Judge, since they're looking for right-handed power, but you know what, I'd bring up BOTH Judge and Gamel. The hell with it. Yankees need both of those guys. They need Judge's power and Gamel's electricity.

And no to Slade Heathcott and Nick Swisher. Yankees have to bring up A-Rod's right-handed power. That's Judge. It's time.