Next Week, Jon Snow is Gonna Pop In Your TV Screens Like

If you haven't watched last night's Game Of Thrones episode, I suggest you not continue to read. Or maybe...I already spoiled it.

Did you think it was over, for Jon Snow? After Melisandre tried her spell on the carcass of Snow, I really thought there was no coming back for him.

I thought maybe Melisandre was so depressed, her magic couldn't work or didn't work anymore. She kept repeating the spell on Snow; multiple tries but nothing worked. Tormund Giantsbane and Melisandre seemed so helpless, as they left the room, making Davos Seaworth the last to leave the room, looking hopelessly at the body of Snow.

But after everything seem as if Snow was going have to casted away since no spell could bring him back, he wakes up. He wakes up all alone, like he's been in a bad dream; eyes wide open, with deep, hard breathes. Episode two of season six ends, right there.

You know, last night I was watching my Yankees face the Red Sox, and watching them go through another horrid lost, but at the same time I was on my Twitter feed and I kept seeing people tweet on how shocking the end to Game Of Thrones was; although, no one said a thing to what actually happened. And I wasn't even thinking it was Snow coming back.


Yes. The show needs a dominant male figure whose a 'good guy', and most importantly whose a male Stark. I know Bran Stark came back this season, but he's a not a fighter like his older brother.

Sure, Jamie Lannister could've taken that role, but we need someone to take down Ramsay Bolton in the North. And I can't wait for that day to come.


I wouldn't be shocked if we get no Snow on episode three (next week). If we do we get Snow next week, it'll be at the very end of the episode -- just like last night. The reason I said that is because the creators of the show might not want to overshadow Snow being alive. Let's face it, him coming back is bigger than any other storyline. If they show him in the beginning of the show, then everything else looks meaningless. Also they might wanna prolong it just a little more.

I'm expecting a lot of Queen Daenerys, for episode three. We didn't get anything from her last night.