How Long Will Yankees Put Up With This?

The first best and worst happened for the Yankees in this game, in this young season. This was, by far, the best start for Masahiro Tanaka this season, mixed in with the worst Yankees lost of the season.

There were games where I felt confident the Yankees were gonna win and they end up losing. For this game, in the bottom seventh, with Tanaka nearing the end and only having to get Jackie Bradley Jr. out, with only two outs, I felt confident he was gonna get done. But to have Bradley hit one pitch off the green monster and for that to tie up the game, flushing everything Tanaka did tonight, felt awful. 
It was a heartbreaking lost because the Yankees, in order to score runs nowadays, have to use every part of their muscle to scratch two runs. Then to have the Boston Red Sox get those to runs right back, in the bottom seventh with two, with just one hit, is really aggravating.

Sure, Joe Girardi should've and could've went to Dellin Betances, after Tanaka gave up the two straight hits, but I felt good about Tanaka getting Bradley out. But Bradley, and kudos to him, went the other way with the fastball, hits off the green monster and brought home Travis Shaw and Brock Holt.

It felt like the Yankees were up 4-0, instead of 2-0, in that at-bat Tanaka had against Bradley. It was like a no-sweat type of inning. And how it all fell apart in one blink of an eye, was unbelievable; I still can't believe they lost that game.

Now, was the Yankee offense struggling? Yes. Could they have had more runs score? Yes. But with your ace on the mound, Tanaka like an ace, with just one out away from giving the ball to Betances and Andrew Miller, Yankees have to win those games. Especially with the games they've lost.

I'm not gonna blame Betances for giving up the two-run homerun to David Ortiz, because after the Bradley double that tied the game, the air was taken out of the Yankees and they barely could score runs as it is. There was no way the Yankees were gonna comeback and score again. We all know this team cannot put together a hits to bring home a run.

This Yankee offense can't have one big inning. What was the point of Girardi taking Alex Rodriguez out of the third hole and replacing him with Carlos Beltran. While Beltran in his last 15 games is 6-for-59 and 3-for-25 with no RBIs. Your number three hitter can't hit like that.

The only close to consistent of a hitter on this lineup, to me, is Starlin Castro. And if I were Girardi, I'd put him in the three hole. Can't hurt!

Also, I'd switch Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner in the lineup. Bat Gardner leadoff and Ellsbury second. Gardner seems more tempting to take pitches, while Ellsbury who likes to swing, would get more pitches to hit batting on front of the three hitter.

It's not just Beltran, it's Chase Headley; it's Didi Gregorius. People like to bash Headley, who has been bad, but how about Gregorius. Did you know Gregorius is 4-for-65 in last 30 games!? LUCKLY he's sure handed in shortstop.

The other day, I was gonna bring up how the Yankees should bring up Jorge Mateo from the minors, to platoon with Gregorius in short.

How long will the Yankees put up with this? I understand it's still April, but before you know it, it's June. Than it's July and the all-star break. You don't want the Yankees to get in hole they can't get out of. If this was the 2004, 05, 06 Yankees, with the lineup they use to have, I'd be okay with this start to the season. But this offense is mixture of old, top talent who limping it's last leg and bench players.

With Beltran, he just needs to move down the order; I still believe he can hit in runs, though not in the three hole. But as for Didi and Headley, I'm worried. Ellsbury: I still believe in. Gardner: for some reason he's been better than Ellsbury but he just looks worn out to me. I'm ready to call up Aaron Judge to replace either Ellsbury or Gardner.