VIDEO: Prince Performing at SNL 40 Afterparty

This was at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary, afterparty. I've always wanted to see this video because how it was raved the day after, how crazy this party way. 
The SNL 40 was Feburary of last year (2015) and I remember the next say after the SNL40 -- which was a Monday -- watching Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers talk this party on their respective show, and the way they raved about the afterparty made me wish I was in some level of important, so I can be part of it. 
Fallon and Meyers talked about this afterparty like it was the greatest party in the world. They talked about how many celebrities were there, different types of musicians performing; just look at the way Fallon was talking about on the beginning of this video. 
But the one thing that stood out when they described the story of this massive afterparty, was Prince's appearance. Him showing up on stage and performing was the biggest highlight of the night. When Fallon and Meyers telling this story about Prince, all I can imagine was this party being pandemonium. Not only because who attended, just because I know how cool, easy going and fun, the SNL cast members from past to present are. I mean, look at Maya Rudolph -- who wouldn't wanna party with her? These are the type of people you wanna be around.
Prince must've had a real chemistry with SNL. What he did in the after party and performed his last televised show on SNL last year. (I think it was his last televised performance).
What an individual... R.I.P Prince.
And let me just say, Jimmy Fallon, for this Prince tribute he hosted, was fantastic. He was really broken by Prince's death; you tell by his eyes, it was real. Everything he said was from his heart.