NYC: Old School J Train in 2016

You know, every time I walk the Williamsburg, Bridge, and to my right there's either the M or J train passing by. And times, this particular J train (you see above), I always want to take a photo of it because it's one of the oldest subway trains in New York City. But I could never get a clear picture.

Well, I had to take the J from Marcy Avenue train station's the old J-train. This time, I made sure I gotta good clear shot.

Reason why I like this train because -- like I said -- it's one of the oldest trains; or maybe the oldest. You can even tell it's old by looking at the J on front. It's like an airport board font.

I don't know what year exactly this train was built, but if I had to guess I'd say 1980's. I don't think it was any later than that. Even though it could've been around in the late 1970's.

They should never remove this train. Keep it running forever! We don't want futuristic trains, like the ones in Chicago or Boston. I want my trains from the 1980's, rusty and with a gibberish speaking conductor where you don't know what stop is next. Lol.