Conley & Derozan Will Solve Knicks Problems

Yea, LeBron James or Kevin Durant would be nice. It would sell tickets. It would send a shockwave throughout New York City. But if you want the Knicks to sign the right type of pieces, these two you see above, that would be smart.

Easier said than done. Soon-to-be free agent guards, Mike Conley and DeMar Derozan, would be the right type of move for the Knicks and president Phil Jackson.

But first, in order for the Knicks to sign them, Conley and Derozan have to accept coming here. With the cap space extending, it's not extending only for the Knicks. The cap space will grow for the other 29 teams and some of those teams are better than the Knicks.

What can New York sell Conley and Derozan in order to sign here? You can state the obvious, for instance selling how New York City is the best place in the world to live (which it is) and your name will become well known, if you wanna start a brand and get sponsorship. But they're two things I'd tell Conley and Derozan in order to sell the Knicks in a big way: If you win here, your name will be ingrained in this city forever and (the other thing) imagine how dominant you guys can be with player in Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis.

With the speed and scoring ability Derozan has, with the leadership and a bonafide point-guard Conley is, who has playoff experience with Memphis Grizzlies, you mix that in with veteran scorer in Melo and a 7-foot, athletic, three-point shooting Porzingis ... I mean, it has to be impossible for the Knicks to be bad, with a squad like that.

Then you have Robin Lopez in center, who was one of the most consistent Knick player last season. I don't know if Arron Afflalo and Derrick Williams will stay since they have an opt-out clause in their contract, but if they stayed (oh man) you're talking about a deep bench. Even adding Jose Calderon to the mix.

But if they do opt-out, the Knicks can use that money to sign free agent Joe Johnson. Who I've always loved watching with the Brooklyn Nets and always wanted him to pair with Melo; and would be great to take some minutes off the aging Melo.

I think we(NBA fans) know by now that this is a backcourt league. And the way the Knicks got manhandle in the point-guard position this season, that's an area they MUST improve in this offseason. Let's face it, they really haven't had a solid point-guard since Chauncey Billups. Yes, Jeremy Lin and Raymond Felton were solid but they didn't have the resume Billups has.

I know the notion of the Knicks signing Derozan and Conley may be a pipe-dream to some, but, if Phil Jackson can get these two in believe that the Knicks will become so much better if they signed with them. And they would.

Forget trying to tell them that winning here is not like winning anywhere else. In the meeting, the Knicks must bring up the fact that the Knicks will become dominant in the east, if they signed them. The west is so stacked, it's impossible to win; even counting the Minnesota Timberwolves who are close to becoming great. Why not come to the Knicks, who has a great scorer who just needs the right point-guard around and a 7-footer who can become unstoppable, with (again) the right point-guard and we'll dominant in the eastern conference.

Melo and Porzingis just need a great backcourt. They get that, no one will stop them in the east. They probably can win with Melo, Porzingis, Conley, Derozan with Kurt Rambis as coach!