Season Finale of Vinyl: Enhance Richie for Season Two

"With swagger and the fucking music. Which let's face it, it's what it's all about."

Very sad to see HBO's newly series Vinyl end, as last night was the season finale. I was sad to see it end but also very touched toward the end of the episode where Richie Finestra (played by actor Bobby Cannavale) gave an emotional speech on what music means to him.

If you go around other sites and read the reviews to Vinyl and the entire first season, it's not very good. As for myself, I'm a Cannavale, Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter groupie. So I've been very positive about the show and watched it every week; also, I'm gonna stand by whatever these three guys do. 
BUT ... I can understand those critics, who've bashed the show. The problem is (well, for me; what I think), for a series like Vinyl that's mainly about music, it doesn't always have to be about music. The writers, directors, producers, I think, tend to feel like the show 'has to be' all about music. And it doesn't.
It's difficult to intertwine a television series with music. The Vinyl creators are trying to sell too much of the music or sell singer Kip Stevens -- whose played by James Jagger (the son of Mick Jagger) -- and not the storyline. On the show James plays in a band called "The Nasty Bits" and I'm sure he singing the songs because the singer sounds exactly like a young Mick Jagger. 
Vinyl has multiple good storylines going for them; you have Finestra having troubles with his wife, Devon (whose played by Olivia Wilde); then Finestra's involvement with the mob, then he cuts a deal with the FBI and becomes informant to take down mob boss, Corrado Galasso, and he also murdered Buck Rogers. So they have all that to work with in season two, and promote music at the same time. It's hard to make the show good, when you're mixing a craft and advertisement at the same time.

For season two, they need to enhance Richie Finestra's character. Don't get me wrong, Cannavale is a superior actor. Probably the next great actor. But the creators of the show have to make him a little more interesting. And make him a little edgy, as well. He's too nice, at times.

I have a feeling they're gonna end making Richie a killer - that's how they'll enhance him. Where he's already accidentally and purposely taken two lives, gone through so much pain, there's gonna be a point where he's gonna begin to feel comfortable with ending people's lives.

I could see him killing Galasso, in the future. If he kills Galasso, it'll be like when Walter White from Breaking Bad goes to Tuco's office and throws that fake-meth-bomb.