Customized Photo: Jay-Z Wearing Jordan 11 Low White/Red

No official date or month to when the Air Jordan 11 retro low tops will be released, but, we do know it'll release in the summer of this year.
When I saw these pop up on my Twitter timeline and I said to myslef: oh man, these are gonna be one of the hottest J's of the summer. Although in this generation they might too colorful and too retro, but I think they're gonna be hot sell and a hard find. 
Before they're released this summer, we gotta see how they'll look on someone. Why not that 'someone' be one of the greatest rappers you'll ever hear, Jay-Z

I've been doing these photoshopped unreleased Air Jordan sneakers on celebs for a while now. You've may have noticed if you follow my on Twitter, from time to time I've made posts like these. Or maybe not, since you and no one gives a shit about my site. But I've done a lot of these for the past couple years.

For these unreleased Air Jordans, I photoshopped the Jordan 11 low tops on to Jay-Z. On the original photo, he has on the concords -- which, instead of the red and white, it was black and white.

Sure, Jay-Z can sell any sneaker and make look good, but with some shorts, I really like the look for the summer. I don't know if Jay has shorts on or sweatpants that are pulled up to the knees. Nevertheless, they look with black shorts and high socks - and a white tee.