Mike & Maddog Reunion: They're Still Great

Isn't amazing, from all the friction and all the years these two weren't together and after eight years from being apart, they can comeback in 2016 and still have this magical chemistry.

Mike Francesa and Christopher "Maddog" Russo had a reunion at Radio City Music Hall for the Garden of Dreams Foundation. And man, do I miss these guys...

They're still great. As I watching Francesa and Russo talk to each other, like they're by themselves without thousands of people watching them, is a thing of beauty. And that's nothing new. But then, when you listen or watch today's sports radio simulcast shows, those hosts are not even close to Mike and the Maddog.

They can come back together and STILL blow everyone else out of the water in sports radio. They'd dominate t'll this day! Because no one is as good and (keyword) 'authentic' as they are.

The only radio host I can compare their talent to, is Howard Stern. No one else.

I don't even listen to anymore sports radio anymore, since Francesa left television. And I'd love to listen to XM Radio to listen to Russo, but I don't wanna pay for radio! I know he's on the MLB Network, but he's not the same.

In today's sports radio, there's two things hosts don't have, that Francesa and Russo have, and that's passion and authenticity.

Even toward the end of this reunion show, when they got up from their desk and were about to end the show, they still got into deep, passionate conversations while they were standing up. It was kinda funny watching them at the end getting into a deep discussion about Tiger Woods, while standing and ready to say goodbye. They couldn't stop talking, lol. You can't teach that stuff.

And the authenticity. Francesa and Russo say what they want and believe what's in their heart. You don't see them advertising something or being told what to say by a producer, who wants their host to talk about something no one cares about. Francesa and Russo spoke the truth; talked about things they wanted to talk about and how they wanted to say it. That's why New Yorkers love them. That's why everyone loves them.

They also care about the fans. Something we think someone like Francesa doesn't, but I think he truly cares about the fans. Russo as well.

The show was great, they raised a lot of money for children and families in need and the guests were also great. Bobby Valentine was outstanding; telling stories about New York Mets getting Mike Piazza from the Florida Marlins or when he was manager of the Boston Red Sox and heard the news about that big trade between the Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers -- he was great.

I also loved the Jeff Van Gundy interview. I got chills when the top row of the audience where chanting "bring back Jeff" - meaning as: the New York Knicks should bring him back as coach.

Will they ever come back together? As Francesa said: "nevah say nevah". So maybe there is hope.