What's Next for MLB Video Games? Or Any Sports Games?

I'm LOVING my MLB 16 The Show. I know it sounds cliché, but it's by far the best MLB The Show edition from all it's ten releases.

Although, in the next ten years, how enhance can Sony and the creators of MLB The Show, go? Or any sports games in general.

The graphics are gonna get better; no question about it. The graphics now, for The Show, hasn't even scratch the surface yet. But graphics are easy to enhance. The upgrade I'm talking about -- is the feel of the game.

Audio. Audio has to be the next enhancement for baseballs and all sports games in the near future. Two aspects - game creators need to take to the next level when it comes to audio, is the broadcast and the crowd noise. Those are two things that will give an authentic feeling to the game.

They need make the crowd so loud, to where it effects the gamer playing a road game. Maybe we'd have to wear our headphones so we can really experience a noisy stadium on the road.

Like for an example: Playing as the Yankees, going a into a playoff series against the Toronto Blue Jays, I want the Roger Center to be so loud where it's gonna be hard for me to pitch or hit. How'd you do that? Make every big situation where I have to get an big out or a big hit with runners on base, and raise the crowd volume. Adding those realistic intense moments, where you feel that pressure in those crucial moments.

Also, enhance the crowd. I understand trying to make the players look realer, every year, as they should, but creators should start focusing on making the fans in the stadiums for realistic. Especially in a playoff game.

Now to Broadcast: If the video game creators wanna make the games more realistic, this is the part where they should really go for. Something every sports, video gamer always wanted in a sports game. Which is, adding the team's real broadcasting booth.

If I'm playing a season as the Yankees, I wanna hear Michael Kay and Ken Singleton's voice. If you're a Mets fan, you definitely would want to hear Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez, on MLB The Show.

Then when it comes to the playoffs, you know who you bring in. Joe Buck. Once your team advances to the playoffs, you'll hear Buck's voice.

I can't speak for everyone, but I've always wanted Joe Buck broadcasting video games.

Now, all this would be very difficult to do. Considering the money Sony/MLB The Show would have to pay every broadcaster for each team. But if you wanna talk 'next gen' for sports games, this would be it.