St. Benedict Prep is Making Peace Seem Realistic

This is what I love about 60 Minutes. They give you stories you know nothing about, that are always outside the box and they're important to know.

It's a story about school called St. Benedict Prep, in Newark, New Jersey. Years ago, St. Benedict was known to be a Catholic school that was predominantly filled with proper, clean-cut white kids. But in 1967, the city of Newark was in chaos, as unemployment, racism and police brutality began to build. Even the school monks began to lost hope for their Catholic school.

What resurrected St. Benedict? Minority kids. The ones who needed the guidance and education. Where black kids, hispanics who are all from low income housing, began build a future for themselves and for the school.

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MY TAKE: What I love most about this story, is the care for young men. The one thing I've noticed so much in this world today, from all the violence and shootings and terrorism, it's all being caused by male young-adults. Especially in the minority neighborhoods.

Almost all of us men went through a stage in our young lives where we 'hated the world'. Mostly, your adolescent years. That's where that kid who feels he doesn't fit in or feels as if he isn't good enough, where he buys a gun or has access to drugs, then makes the terrible decision in life. Where the decision they pick either ends up being one they can't get out of, or end up not having a life.

These young kids have no guidance. Especially a loner, who feels left out in everything in his high school. Some carry their loner-ness in a cool way; without violence and drugs. Some know how to take it and are resilient. But some of those kids who are deeply hurt, for minor situations like bullying; something a lot of people go through as a kids and get over it once they get older. They think this feeling lasts forever and they cause harm to other people. And sometimes themselves.

St. Benedict Prep is doing what school should be doing -- having young men helping other young men. There's no sides, there's no groups; a school where every young man is one. When that one student whose at that the low point in his adolescent, that other student is there for them.

That's where the school motto of St. Benedict goes by: "Whatever Hurts My Brother Hurts Me".

This is how you bring peace in Newark, New Jersey and in the world.