Maybe...The White Sox Managment Didn't Want to Pay LaRoche

Now, I usually never put up a story about a team that isn't a New York team or a team that isn't in any Super Bowl, Finals or World Series. But with the recent news on - now former - Chicago White Sox infielder/DH Adam LaRoche retiring from baseball after the team told him he couldn't bring his son into the clubhouse, anymore.

This is a first. Forget what baseball player -- what ATHLETE leaves $13 million GUARANTEED dollars on the table, because he can't bring son to the game anymore? I've never heard of that before.

LaRoche's son, Drake, is fourteen. He's not ten or nine, he's a teenager. At that age you should be relatively independent. Not old enough to live by himself, though old enough to stay home alone and feed himself. And wipe his ass.

But could there be something else to this. Meaning, his son has a certain private issue, where he wants be to be around his dad, a lot. I don't know; could be. Or could Laroche have an issue where he's overprotected of his son; as he should. Which is totally understandable. There can be many reasons for that.

Ironically, former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen use to bring his son to games. I don't know if he brought him to every game, but I remember Guillen bringing his son to every playoff game in 2005, in this year they won the World Series.

Or maybe, just maybe, this was a management decision. Could this be the issue that's in EVERY sports conflict. That issue that makes this world go round and round. You know...THE MONEY!?

LaRoche could be a great guy, that everyone likes. But do you think -- not just the White Sox -- any baseball team is gonna wanna pay a 36-year-old, $13 million, just to sit on the bench? Because he wasn't projected to play everyday. That's a lot of money for a...nice player. It's not like he's coming off the bench to run or steal base. Sure he can still come off the bench and hit a homerun in the ninth to tie a game. But he's not good enough anymore to be paying him $13 million. Sorry.

Besides, LaRoche stated that this was gonna be his last year of his MLB career.

Now. do I think the White Sox management was right to do this? Absolutely not. Especially last year when LaRoche signed his contract two-year $25 million dollar contract with them, he told the team if it was okay to bring his son to every game. And the White Sox were okay with it. They were fine with it last year, not so much this year.

I mean come on, man, we're talking corporations, here. You know, the sweet hearts of them all. The ones who'll do anything and everything for a buck. As for this scenario, $13 million bucks.

You don't think teams from the pass, especially baseball teams, would turn their back on a player because he isn't useful anymore?

I remember when the Yankees benched Jorge Posada one season because he wasn't producing. Posada is one of the core championship players, who was part of the greatest dynasty of the Yankees and they benched him. Posada caused a big fight that night in the clubhouse, when he didn't see his name on the lineup.

Same goes to the Mets and Ruben Tejada. The Mets just released Tejada, before breaking his leg in the playoffs due to a Chase Utley slide, that caused the Met players make "let's do this for Ruben" sayings; making shirts for him or David Wright tattooing 'I love Tejada' on his chest. After ALL that, he's gone.

So this LaRoche/situation was probably all about money. The White Sox could've planned a way to get of this contract. Which was by telling LaRoche, they didn't want his son here, anymore. The team probably -- or truthfully -- didn't want to pay a 36-year-old, $13 mill, for just sitting on the bench.

Now White Sox players are pissed. They could be upset because they must've really liked LaRoche and his son, but they're probably sketchy about their team; thinking: 'hey, they could do this to us.' Their top pitcher Chris Sale, has been vocal in that clubhouse and that's the guy the White Sox don't want to upset.

The White Sox do not want their players thinking this was plan to get out of LaRoche's contract. Because if I'm player of the White Sox, that would upset me; yes, he's not worth that much, but you don't that. That's just simply not the right thing to do.