Jorge Mateo's Spring Is Worrisome for Didi

Boy, when I saw the top prospect Jorge Mateo hit that homerun on Saturday afternoon, I said to myself: Uh oh, Didi Gregorius might not be a Yankee for very long.

Or could he?

Watching Mateo hit that homerun against the Boston Red Sox on last Saturday's spring training game, wowed me. The power this kid can potentially have, with the speed/stolen base ability and (I've heard) very smooth defensively, Mateo could be all world.

Mateo is only 20-years-old. Will be 21 this year and if he continues to play well down the minors, what's the use of keeping him there.

When Mateo hit that homerun he reminded me a lot of Carlos Gomez. Right-handed power, with that type of speed, like Gomez.

But, the problem is, Mateo's a shortstop. And the Yankees always have a starting shortstop in Gregorius. I thought maybe the Yankees could soon start selling Gregorius, to make Mateo the starting shortstop of the future. Mateo still has longs aways from coming to the majors, but the Yankees love this guy. And the way he's looked this spring, he's also making Yankees fans (like me) hoping to see him in the Bronx, soon.

Although, instead of trading Gregorius, I can see the Yankees waiting until Chase Headley's contract ends, so that they can put Starlin Castro at third base, then slide Gregorius to second and make Mateo the shortstop. I can see that happening. Yankees future could be Gregorius and Mateo up the middle.

Yankees future is looking really good, all of a sudden.

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