HBO's Vinyl: Shades of Mad Men

Sex: I take all the time

Drugs: Nah... But I can watch you get high. :D

Rock N' Roll: Never can get enough of.

Those are the three things the newly HBO series "Vinyl" has and it is delivering.

The first episode was a two-hour premiere, which kinda prolong the meaty part of the story. On top of that, I didn't know whether to take the show seriously or not. When a serious moment would occur, then all of sudden something really goofy would happen. When a building collapses on you, how in the hell you still live?

But then I started to really get the feel for it. I began to understand that was the rockstar life, in those in the 1970's. Crazy, random shit, would happened like that. We've heard these stories from rockstars from past in those VH1 Behind Story shows. And a lot of those stories were about rockstars dying then coming back to life, somehow. I guess Rick James was right -- cocaine is a hell of a drug.

You see a lot of cocaine.. Especially being done by the main star, Bobby Cannavale, whose played by record executive Richie Finestra.

Ever since I saw Cannavale in season three of Boardwalk Empire, he became one of my favorite actors. He was so good as Gyp Rosettie, he won an Emmy for that performance. To be honest, that was probably one of the best, believable performance I've ever seen.

Then you combine Cannavale with Terence Winter, who was a writer/producer for Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos, of course I'm gonna be interested in this show. On top of that, Martin Scorsese is also involve! Come on now...

Being born and raised in Brooklyn, seeing names like Cannavale, Winter and Scorsese being part something, all I can say is: count me in.

The old New York look that Vinyl brings in is also something I really love. I'm only 28, but I love looking at old footages of what New York use to be and what made it so unique. Bringing out the nostalgia for those who lived in New York City in the 1970's, is simply great; it's also great history. Some of these kids today don't even know what a CD is, let alone a record player.

I See A Little Mad Men in Vinyl

Watching Olivia Wilde play Devon Finestra, as the wife of Richie, as she tries to find herself and becomes very alone as Richie neglects her because he's dealing with his issues. Then I notice how Wilde playing Devon reminds me a lot of January Jones' character as Betty Francis, in Mad Men.

In season one of Mad Men, Betty goes through the same exact thing as what Devon is going through in season one of Vinyl. And you can say Richie is a lot like Don Draper, where Richie is hiding this secret in his life, just like Don, and they both go on epiphanies from time to time.

It's funny how Mad Men ended last year and it ended right on 1970, was predominantly storied in the 1960's, while Vinyl started this year and it's located right on the heart of 1970. It's almost like Vinyl was aimed to the next life and culture, after Don Draper.

Lester Grimes

I've seen the actor Ato Essandoh who plays Lester Grimes, on a few episodes of Girls and I thought he was okay. But on Vinyl he has a great part, as he plays an african-american musician who wanted to play his style of music and not what the industry wanted to play or the kind of musician they wanted him to be.

Also his story with Richie, is terrific. I cannot wait to see how it unravels as the series goes on.

I love the diversity in it. We're not just watching one race, we're watching how blacks in New York City loved their style music and struggled to become the artist they wanted be.

I hope Vinyl introduces Latin music to the series. Hispanic artists such as Hector Lavoe and Johnny Pacheco were huge stars in the 1970's in New York.

Maybe they can have Marc Anthony play Hector Lavoe. That'd be pretty good.