Oscars: It's Finally Leo's Night

From years of being a treasure hunter on a ship who falls in love; a con artist, drug dealing cop informant, a rich party thrower, a corrupt stock broker and even slave owner, Leonardo DiCaprio is on his way to winning his first ever Academy Award as a man surviving in the wild.

After playing all those parts from the past, how apropos.

FINALLY! The night all of use DiCaprio fans have been waiting, for over twenty years. True talent is finally being served in tonight's 88th Academy Awards. And man, it's been a long time coming.

Let's go back nineteen years ago, when I was in the 4th grade and the Titanic was just released; when every girl in my class was swooning for DiCaprio. 'Oh DiCaprio this, DiCaprio that', and I'm like: Oh, shut up! Around this time I thought DiCaprio was just a typical, annoying hollywood heartthrob. I was wrong.

As years went on, I saw something in Leo that wasn't 'typical' anymore. I began to see something special. Then I notice that 'heartthrob' image was kinda still there, but was behind him. That label wasn't visible anymore because he suddenly showed us how serious he was about his craft. He began to unleash this force on a screen, that I've never seen another actor do in my generation.

What started to see in DiCaprio, is what my grandfather saw in Marlon Brando in the 1950's. What my mom saw in Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in her time. I'm witnessing that magic in DiCaprio, when he amazes me and takes me away from reality just for two hours or so, then talk about it over and over again. Just like what those past actors did for my family and yours.

It's amazing how he went from that heartthrob, to men loving him. Could it been great marketing? It could. And it was done greatly. Even though, you hardly see a male actor be loved by young girls, then later on in his career be loved by grown men.

Girls wanted to marry him in the Titanic, but men wanted to be him in The Wolf Of Wallstreet. Guys wanted to have that same guts he had as Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can.

Although, not sure if anyone wanted be Billy Costigan in The Departed, lol. I didn't! That's pretty stressful.

All men and women love DiCaprio because he entertains to the highest level; in level we've never seen. That goes to all entertainers; no matter that act outside their craft, like a Kanye West, people are still gonna love him because he gives you his best in his craft.

So tonight is gonna be an exciting night. The most anticipated Academy Awards, ever. I was gonna watch anyway because - A - I always watch the Oscars and - B - Chris Rock is hosting. I never miss an award show he's hosting.

Once DiCaprio wins this one, we'll then begin to ask, when will he win this second!?!?