Prediction: Knicks Will End Up With Teague

I don't do much of these predictions anymore, but I get the sense the New York Knicks are so interested in Atlanta Hawks PG Jeff Teague and the Hawks really wanting to get out of Teague's contract, I could see an agreement happening this week that'd send the point-guard to New York.

The Knicks have been wanting to get Teague for a couple of years, now. So these reports you see about them "coveting" him, are most likely true.

Teague is due make $8 million for this season and next. The Hawks wanna get out of that $8 million dollars, next season.

A salary dump could be the scenario in this situation. If the Knicks can acquire Teague in a salary dump, it'll most likely be early Thursday, right before the the 3:00 deadline or late Wednesday night. Atlanta won't dump him to the Knicks tonight, since they're gonna wait it out to see if they get the best deal out there, before they give him away.

Although a major problem for the Knicks is, the Indiana Pacers are still very much interested in Teague and might have more to offer than the Knicks do.

If Atlanta were to dump Teague to the Knicks, it'll only cost the Knicks Jose Calderon and Kyle O'Quinn. But if they have to offer something significant, I'd have to be Jerian Grant and a pick -- which is something they don't wanna do.

Teague should've been traded by now. He was almost sent to the Miami Heat, in that six-player deal. That's a good sign for the Knicks since you know his price could come down tomorrow night or Thursday.