Would Melo Accept a Trade to the Cavs?

Yup, it's come back to this.

As a New York Knick fan, I've been a supporter of Carmelo Anthony. I desperately wanted him to be a Knick when he was with the Denver Nuggets. I wanted him to stay as a Knick, two years ago when he was a free agent. And I still want him to be a Knick. But sometimes you have to face reality when in reality isn't winning.

Since Melo's been a Knick, it feels like nothing has changed. It still feels like we're in the mid 2000's era, when the Knicks either sucked, or made the playoffs as an eighth seed team. Besides the 2012-13 season, when the Knicks made the playoffs as a second seed, which is the only season that has given Melo, the Knicks and fans a glimmer of hope.

I hate to say this because I've always been on Melo's side, but he has done nothing for this team.

Amare Stoudemire did more for the Knicks with his small, healthy tenure with them, than Melo has.

And I say Melo has done nothing because we hardly ever have a winning season, anymore. With Melo, we're suppose to make the playoffs every year. Teams who have "great players" on their team, make the playoffs every year.

Where ever team LeBron James is in, that team makes the playoffs.

The Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose, are always in the playoffs.

Paul Pierce, where ever team he is playing for, is in the playoffs. The man could be playing at 75-years-old and he's in the playoffs.

The Miami Heat with Dwyane Wade, are always in the playoffs.

Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks, are always in the playoffs.

Dwight Howard, whose a pain in the neck, is always in the playoffs!

Why is it that all these all-stars make the postseason and not Carmelo Anthony?

So maybe, things need to change.


Now, with Melo having a no-trade-clause in his contract, there are very limited options of teams he would go to.

There are other teams he would accept a trade to, like the Los Angeles Clippers could one. But a team that I think he would go to and a player on that team that would love him. The Cavs.

LeBron James would love to have Melo on his team. If James saw a chance to have his buddy Melo on his squad, to help him beat the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs in the Finals, he would be screaming to get the deal done.

The Clippers would another option Melo since he'd have a big market in Los Angeles and he would play for a championship contending team. Also the Clippers can trade Blake Griffin to the Knicks for Melo.

But with Kristaps Porzingis here and taking over the power-forward position, they'd be no room for Griffin. One of them would have to play center.

A trade with the Cavs can bring Kevin Love to the Knicks. Although Love plays power-forward, I believe he can switch to small.

Or what the Knicks can do it, trade Melo and Robin Lopez to Cleveland, so Porzingis can move to center.

I would love to have Kyrie Irving for Melo, but I don't think that has a chance of happening. A point-guard is what the Knicks really need.