Knicks: The Summer of Kevin Durant?

With his 44-points tonight, Kevin Durant made me change my mind about the Knicks signing him.

But first off: What a terrible lost for the Knicks. With Carmelo Anthony out and playing Oklahoma City Thunder, I felt okay if the Knicks were to get blown out, or lose. But to play that well without him, with a eleven point lead in the 4th quarter and end up losing in overtime, that was one of the toughest loses this season.

When this game had to go OT, I didn't like the Knicks chances. You can't give a team like the Thunder two GREATS on their team, while the Knicks star player was out.

Nevertheless, it was a competitive game for Knicks. They played tough. Downside: They're back to being three games .500. It's amazing how this Knick team can never get over that .500 hump.

NOW! As for what this post is all about. Kevin Durant. Whose gonna be a free agent after this season, expressed how much he loves playing in Madison Square Garden and scored 44-points in his showcased to the front Knicks office.

A year ago or so, I was against Durant coming here. I felt like with Melo here, you can't have another bonafide, hogging scorer on the same team. Melo and Durant would be fighting over the basketball.

But now with Melo being okay with facilitating the ball - since he finally has good, solid players around him to pass the ball to, and most importantly with him aging, Durant to the Knicks is starting to make a lot more sense to me.

In order for the Knicks to win a championship, they need another scorer -- now. Melo, at 31-years-old, going to be 32 this summer, we cannot rely on him carrying the team all by himself; he can still carry the team this season, but not a year or two years from now. Especially with all the injuries he has suffered, already.


Knicks NY Daily News beat writer Frank Isola said something interesting on SNY's "Daily News Live". When asked what Durant would do in his free agent year this offseason, Isola said he thinks Durant will re-sign with the Thunder for one-year and become a free agent again the following season when his teammate Russell Westbrook becomes a free agent.

Isola's premise is that Durant might want to see what Westbrook does, before he would sign a long-term deal with OKC.

Which seems to make sense.

My opinion, I really don't know what he'd do. Signing with the Knicks is starting to make sense for since now the Knicks have good nucleus with Phil Jackson, his former teammate/mentor and now coach of the Knicks, Derek Fisher, a young core of players; mainly Kristaps Porzingis, Melo is gonna be here for a while and Durant knows that this Knick team is just a player away from being great, or championship esc.

Everyone for sure thought he would sign with his hometown team, the Washington Wizards. Now that rumor has cooled down.

All I can say is, after yesterday, I am now interested in the summer of Durant.