Up Incoming Rapper 'Stacksz' New Music Video

Another childhood friend of mine, Mark Vigo, a.k.a Stackzs, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn is on his way to stardom.

Stackzs, was featured in KG's new music video called "Buddy Love".

I'm not saying Stackzs is a great rapper just because he and I went to the same school, I know his family and knew him all his life -- okay...maybe that has something to do with it... Lol.

For me, there's three things you need in order to be a great rapper. One: you need to have a great sound to you regular voice. Two: your voice has to blend with hip-hop beats. Three: you have to make listeners understand every word you're saying -- every lyric you sing, has to sound so clear that the listener doesn't have to Google search the lyrics.

All those qualities I pointed out, Stackzs has. I can hear every word he's saying. And his voice blends in to any prototypical hip-hop beat. Stackzs has that perfect pitch.

Puerto Ricans or latinos in general need a new age Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Big Pun for us hispanics to look up to in the hip-hop world. Stackzs can be that. He has the look, the sound and that notorious b.i.g presence.