Yankees Will Soon Have No Power Bats

After the 2016 season, Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran will no longer be Yankees.

After the 2017 season, Alex Rodriguez, will also, no longer be a Yankee. Or there could be a scenario where A-Rod retires after this season.

Those are big, middle of the order bats that have carried this Yankee team and organization for years. Not so much Beltran since he's only been here for two seasons. But Teixeira and A-Rod, for sure, have been important and two of the great signings in Yankee history.

Without A-Rod and Teixeira, Yankees aren't the 2009 World Series Champions. And probably wouldn't be relevant in two decades. These two have carried the Yankees, not only offensively, defensively for the past eleven years.

No more needs to be said how great A-Rod and Teixeira have been for the Yankees. But with them coming off the payroll in a couple of years, with Beltran, what player or players will the Yankees turn to, to be their middle-of-the-lineup big boppers for the next decade?

Greg Bird? Aaron Judge? I guess. Bird is the perfect replacement once Teixeira's contract ends at the of the upcoming season. But how'd we know the 23-year-old Bird will fill the shoes of an all-star, switch-hitting, gold glove first baseman that has potential to be a hall of famer.

Judge could very well replace Beltran next season. Though, like Bird, will be hard to replace a switch-hitting clutch hitting, postseason great and also a potential hall of famer.

Can the Yankees look for the next big bat in free agency? This offseason there's some big bats available. Bats the Yankees would sign -- that is, would sign if they were blocked with contracts and older players who can't play the field anymore.

If the Yankees didn't have A-Rod or a young player like Bird in the minors, they would've signed Chris Davis. He'd be the DH, then next season replace Teixeira. A lefty with that type of power, Yankees would love to have.

Justin Upton is a player they'd like to sign -- I think. A right-handed bat they need. But can't, with Beltran in the outfield with Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner locked up in center and left. Although that can all change if the Yankees find a trade partner for Gardner.

With rumors swirling that Upton could take a short-term deal, that has to interest the Yankees and GM Brian Cashman. The Yankees can give Upton a five-year-deal worth $100 million -- easily. Without having to go seven or eight years.

Upton is 28-year-old. That's a perfect age for a middle of the lineup bat, the Yankees are looking for. Would be nice to have an outfield of Judge, Ellsbury and Upton for the next five years.

This is gonna be an issue for the Yankees. Especially with the bleak free agent class next offseason. How long are they gonna rely on Teixeira and A-Rod?