How Much? For The Yankees To Get Fernandez

Is it B.S? Or is their some truth to it?

Are the Miami Marlins really looking into trading their best, young starting pitcher? If so, I'm sure the Yankees are interested.

And there are reports stating that the Yankees have checked in on Marlins ace Jose Fernandez, as for other teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The price for Fernandez is reported to be "high". "High" as in: when the Marlins asks what prospects they want from the other team, that other team replies: 'You high?!'

But if the Yankees called the Marlins for Fernandez, I don't think he'll be worth Greg Bird, Luis Severino and Aaron Judge. That's ludicrous. If that's the case, then either the Marlins don't wanna trade Fernandez at all, or don't wanna trade him to the Yankees.

Although, it is alarming to see the Marlins looking to trade a talent like this. A 23-years-old pitcher, who can be dominating, that the Marlins really need and they're looking to trade him? That's why I don't believe this report as much as I'd I like.

Then, you have to question why they're trading a 23-year-old like Fernandez? He did have Tommy John surgery last year. Is there something still wrong with his arm?

As for what the Yankees can offer for Fernandez, it doesn't have to be Bird, Severino and Judge. Yankees do have a talented catcher in Gary Sanchez, who killed it in the Arizona League this year. He's so good, Yankees can center a package around him in a blockbuster deal.

I'd probably consider trading Severino for Fernandez. I would even consider trading Judge. I'm not trading Bird because I've seen what he can do in a major league level, but Judge is still suspect to me.

Although, I'd hate to trade Sanchez. Even though the Yankees can't play him with the catching position blocked by Brian McCann. So the Yankees might eventually have to trade him.

With that being said, if I were to package a deal for Fernandez, it would be Sanchez, Judge and second baseman Rob Refsnyder. Then I would take Martin Prado's expiring contract to play second, since I'm trading Refsynder.

I say Fernandez stays put in Miami, but that's a pitcher the Yankees would go above and beyond for. That's what they're looking for this offseason.