Knicks: Close Win Games Bring Teams Together

Knicks hold on to an unexpected nail-biter, as they beat the Thunder on the road, 93-90

At first, it felt like a bad win for the Knicks, but really, it's a big win. Winning close games like this brings teams together; enhances the team chemistry even more.

When the Knicks made the second seed two years ago, they mostly won all their games in blowout fashion. Even in the playoffs that year, most of the games they won, were games they outscored the opposition by twenty points.

When this team win pound-for-pound games, it'll gain experience down the stretch and they will learn how to close out games like this.

The one thing I've learned about the great teams in the NBA, is that you have to learn how to win games in the last possession. Either making the big, game-winning shot to close it out, or make the big defensive stop. That's what the great teams do, time after time.


Before the season started, that was the one thing I really liked about this team. They have a level of seriousness about themselves. In the seasons where the Knicks had J.R Smith, Iman Shumpert, Rayond Felton, those Knick teams didn't have a great mentality like this season's Knicks.

Arron Afflalo isn't trying to untie someone's shoelaces -- he's trying to make smart shots and get the best of out of his friend Carmelo Anthony.

Jerian Grant, for a rookie, acts and plays like he's been in the league for years.

Robin Lopez, with his clutch free throw shooting tonight, has this competitiveness that I love.

There's a different look about this team, I haven't seen in years. And I like it.

Big tonight. Knicks are now 7-6, a game over .500, won three-in-a-row and are now on to face the Houston Rockets on the road. Keep the line moving. This is where the Knicks could take off.