Yankees Have To Spend Money This Offseason

After that one-game Wild Card lost, in devastating fashion, it's the New York Yankee front office's job to enhance this team in the offseason. And if that means signing David Price for $200 million dollars, then so be it.

No one knows if Yankee general manager Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner are skeptical to big fish free agents in this offseason, to multiple contracts. The media, the writers are all thinking the Yankees are gonna keep the checkbook close. And they don't know that for sure, either.

But I'll say this, if the Yankees are not looking to sign high priced free agents because of the big contracts they have now, then they're wrong. Because NO ONE told them to sign Jacoby Ellsbury to a seven-year deal, worth $153 million dollars.

Also, no one told them to give Brett Gardner a $40 million dollar extension, that they now want to get out of.

When the Yankees signed Ellbury two years ago, I was shocked. I never thought they'd sign a player whose was gonna be 30-years-old, with the player's strength being his legs and injury prone. A bad team usually gives a player like that a contract, because they need to sell seats.

If you're gonna give a multi-year contract to player whose 29-30 years old, they either need to be a great power hitter or a bonafide no.1 ace.

In that offseason, Curtis Granderson was a free agent and a player of ours. And was willing to return to the Yankees. Granderson was a big, lefty bat for the Yankees for a couple of years; hitting 40-30 homeruns a season for them. After looking at the decision two years later of letting him go and signing Ellsbury, the Yankees were better off just re-signing Granderson!

They gave Ellsbury and Gardner - $190 million dollars combine and both produce a combine 23-homeruns this season, while Granderson was only worth $60 million to the Mets, hit 26 homeruns this season and with the Yankees in Yankees Stadium could've hit 35 or more.

Not only Granderson was better suited for the Yankees and would've been a cheaper solution, he's also a leader. Granderson is a great clubhouse guy and a spark plug. Compare him to Ellsbury and Gardner who their intensity is like paint dry.

So the Yankees have to spend money this season. I'm not saying spend money, just to spend -- but there's a pitcher in this free agent market right now, they desperately need, in David Price. This a pitcher whose gonna help this team win a division. A pitcher whose gonna stop a losing streak, when the team needs a big performance.

Last offseason, I thought they didn't sign Max Scherzer because they wanted to save money for Price this offseason.

If the Yankees didn't sign Ellsbury, we would've had no question whether to sign or not to sign Price. Yankees probably sign Scherzer last season if they didn't have Ellsbury's contract.