Knicks Have To Stop The Bleeding, Right Away

We don't want this season looking like the last two seasons.

Yes, another tough lost for the Knicks, losing to the Cavs at home 90-84. Another game that had so much momentum on the side of the Knicks and couldn't pull out a win.

In the first half of this game, the Knicks really good. Carmelo Anthony was hot to start off the game, the effort on the defensive side was looking tough and they manage, again, to lose. The same thing happened at the Charlotte Hornets game -- the Knicks looked like they were gonna win that game but they collapsed toward the end.

And those two loses -- the Hornets and Cavs game -- has to do with the Knicks inability to make easy baskets in the 4th quarter, in a tight game. Last night against the Cavs, in the 4th quarter with a five-point lead, they didn't know how to make timely shots. Every possession they in that 4th quarter the Knicks looked like they were panicking for shot; almost like they had no clue what to do with the ball and no game plan.

The shot selections were horrible for the Knicks. And the Cavs kept giving the Knicks chances to grow the lead. If the Cavs wouldn't made all their free throws, this game would've never been close at the last minutes.

So far in this young season, the issue for the Knicks is: They do not know how to close out.

It's amazing how the Knicks are playing the Mets did in the World Series. Played well throughout the whole game, but close a win.

In that 4th, they went totally against the triangle offense. The Cav defense, broke, that, up! They suffocated the Knicks offense in the 4th quarter. Cleveland didn't everyone score, but with their defense and LeBron James on their side, with a relentless point-guard scoring point-guard in Mo Williams, that's all they needed.

And Williams killed the Knicks, last night. He had 20-points, but it felt like he had 30. Williams had timely shots. That's what the Knicks need Arron Afflalo to do.

Afflalo has been really good, coming off an injury. Missed some shots at the end, but you can't ask a lot from him. He's not in NBA form.

Jose Calderon has been shooting the ball really well, I'm one of the fans who dislike Calderon's game as much as other fans, but at the 4th quarter, in a nail-biting game, he can't do much. Last night he was running around like he had no clue to what to do. A reason for that is, he can't draw plays, or get to the basket -- he can only shoot. Against a very good defense team, Calderon will get shut down.

Jerian Grant is gonna have to take over the starting point-guard role, soon. Unlike Calderon, Grant can shoot, stop-and-shoot, take the ball to the basket or draw a foul. He's very good at drawing fouls and getting to the line. Grant should've been playing the 4th quarter. He would've draw some fouls and added points to the lead. Easier ways to score.

The Knicks with the lead just kept hoisting three pointers to pad the lead. Even Steph Curry can't win just by shooting threes to hold a lead. You have to make easier baskets.

Another reason why this game was heartbreaking to lose was for the effort of Lou Amundson. With only ONE point, Amundson was the reason why the Knicks were in this game. With his 6 rebounds and terrific defense, he's giving the Knicks and coach Derek Fisher a reason to play him more minutes. What a perfect big man to come off the bench.

Knicks have to stop the bleeding, right here. They're 4-6 now, two games under .500, you can't go any lower. This team doesn't want the avalanche of loses to pile up again, like the last two seasons. When they start to lose, it becomes a habit.

It's very early. Lots of games left. But stop it here, before we starting having the 'lets just tank and get the no.1 draft' conversation, again. I had to miss a lot of Knick basketball last year, because of that. Don't wanna go through that again.