This Knicks Win: Showed They're For Real

Sure, the Knicks may gotten away with a out of bounds call, where Carmelo Anthony's foot was clearly on the line, that refs missed, but the Knicks deserve a steal after all the foul calls against them in this season so far.


But still -- this win showed me that this Knick team is the real deal.

This was something I haven't seen the Knicks do a lot in the past couple of seasons; even the season where the made the playoffs in the second seed. That particular thing is winning a tight, close one or two-point game.

That's what it's gonna take to win games against good teams, like the Toronto Raptors. Sure, maybe once or probably twice the Knicks can blow out a playoff team, but not more than that. Winning games like this shows that the Knicks are or have the chance to be a significant team in the east. It's also how you win playoff games.

They can also win this Atlantic Division.

Not impossible at all. Yes, the Raptors have been a really good team for the past couple of seasons, but they're not dominant. Knicks can win this division. The Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia Sixers are both 0-7 and the Boston Celtics will be competitive, but not threatening.


Could've been 4-0 if it wasn't for that tough lost against Cleveland Cavaliers.

Road wins show how tight knit a team is. Although, they gotta winning their home games. Gotta gain home court advantage down the stretch.

How Good Is Langston Galloway?

I really feel the Knick's record wouldn't be what it is, if they didn't have Galloway.

Galloway with 15-points, 4 rebounds and 4 assist.

So far, he's been the best player on the team. His three-point shots have been huge for this team. The Knicks lacked a player who can shoot a three-pointer in a must needed situation; that's why they signed Arron Afflalo. But with the injury to Afflalo, Galloway has filled up that hole, immensely.

Not only Galloway can shoot, he plays with maximum effort. Driving the ball to the paint and finishes very well.

In this young season, Galloway has been the MVP.

Lance Thomas

He's a sleeper player, for the opposing team.

17-points and 3 rebounds for Thomas.

He had the game winning backboard shot.

Thomas has come off the bench and done everything the Knicks could've hoped for. He has scored from every part of the floor, has been money from three point range (he was 3-of-3 from downtown in this game) and can defend well.

Robin Lopez

12-points, 8 rebounds and 2 assist.

Lopez has been the big different since last season. Not only he's a true, defensive center, but he's competitor. This team missed Tyson Chandler last season and it's showing ho

With both Lopez and Kristaps Porzingis defending in the paint, the opposing team will have a tough time scoring against the Knicks.