Yankees Should Be Interested in Yasiel Puig

Only if the Los Angeles Dodgers are interested in moving him.

If the New York Yankees wanna get younger, exciting, without having spend money and top prospects to get it, why not call the Dodgers for the availability of Yasiel Puig?

We've heard lots of rumors that the Dodgers wanted to get rid of Puig. It was always about that the organization doesn't like his attitude; they felt he was too arrogant, etc.

Even though a lot of those rumors stopped, I wonder if the Dodgers would entertain trading Puig since he had an off year. They mainly used him for pinch-hit roles and platoon situations in the playoffs this years, which is startling since he had such a break out rookie year and was so explosive in first two seasons.

Puig this season batted .255, with 11 homeruns and 38 RBIs. Would the Dodgers give up on their 24-year-old promising, Cuban star, off this year's numbers?

If so, the YANKEES should make a long distance long to Los Angeles. Or, they could just wait t'll a couple weeks when all the general managers meet at the Winter Meetings.

This is the perfect way for the Yankees to build a young, athletic outfield for the future. With their top prospect outfielder Aaron Judge waiting in the wings until Carlos Beltran's contract ends or they make room for Judge, Yankees could have a sweet corner outfield of Puig and Judge for the future.

Now, is Puig worth trading for? Is his first two seasons a fluke, he's gonna become what he is this season? I'd like to think not. And if he came to New York and prosper, he'd be a superstar.

All we heard about this Yankee team this season was: 'They're not exciting'. We heard that a lot. Fans complained that this team was just simply boring. You bring in a player like Puig and hope he finds it again, he's gonna sell tickets. The things he does, people would want to see Puig play; Puerto Ricans, Dominicans from the Bronx are gonna want to see Puig run, catch and hit the ball out of the ballpark.

He brings that flash the Yankees were lacking the past couple of seasons. He's also a right-handed bat. Something they need besides another lefty.

IF the Dodgers were to listen for Puig, how much would he cost? I personally don't think the asking price would be off the charts.

I'd offer the Dodgers Brett Gardner and Rob Refsnyder, for Puig. Give them an All-Star outfielder who would place the speed and defense Puig provides, and give them a young second baseman that they need.

Gardner can spray the ball all over Dodger Stadium in those gaps -- something he can't really do in Yankee Stadium. He would also be more durable in the west coast weather.

Problem here is, the Dodgers would be taking back a contract slightly bigger than Puig. They might want the Yankees to take back a contract. But that's why if you're the Yankees, you offer a young prospect like Refsnyder to sweeten the deal, since the Dodgers would be taking more money back.

The Yankees are gonna have to find creative ways to get younger, not spend big and win all at the same time, this is the way. You have to take risks.