Are Yankees IN or NOT IN for David Price?

It's really 50/50 whether or not the New York Yankees are in on the top pitcher in this free agent class, David Price.

After all the Yankees have been through with these long tenure contracts through the years and what they're going through with them now, it would seem like the Yankees would pass on Price.

But then, it makes too much sense for the Yankees to sign Price. Because they need a left-handed pitcher; a dominant one. And if they're seriously considering making a big run for the World Series in 2016, Price would have to be heavily considered in the Yankee front office.

I've said this before: Since 1996, the Yankees have never been to a World Series without a lefty starter. And yes, lefty Andy Pettitte was in all those World Series teams. So was lefty David Wells and C.C Sabathia. The way their stadium is built, the Yankees need a dominant lefty in the rotation to go far in the postseason or make the playoffs.

Now for those who don't wanna sign Price because of his postseason struggles, is the wrong reason to not sign him. I'm not looking at his postseason stats; I'm looking at his season stats. You build your team to make the playoffs. The Yankees are trying to -- not only make the playoffs -- win the division and not win the wild card again. In order to do that, this team needs to have something that separates them from all the other teams in the A.L East.

Price is that separation.

The Yankees this season had a significant edge over the other A.L East teams -- which was the bullpen. But they can enhance that, with Price giving the ball to Dellin Betances in the 8th and Andrew Miller in the 9th.

Price giving the ball to Betances in the 8th is something a Yankee fan would love to see. Although, Price is the type of pitcher who'll tell the Betances and Miller: No worries - I'll take the team home and pitch the distance. Something the Yankees didn't have, in a starting pitcher going the complete game and giving the bullpen rest. Instead of having Betances and Miller pitch every single night have them wore out by August.

Masahiro Tanaka can go the distance, but he was hurt a lot this teams and was treated very carefully.

I don't know if the Yankees are in on Price. History tells you they would certainly be. They've been on every big name lefty pitcher whose been available. They were in on Randy Johnson (they got him), in on Johan Santana (fail to get him), in on C.C Sabathia (they got him).

A top lefty ace whose available in the offseason, the Yankees will be in on.

There will be two teams in on Price. Those two teams: Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs. And those two teams could have a bigger advantage over the Yankees. With the Dodgers it's Los Angeles, a city Price has always had interest in living and with the Cubs, Price has his old manager their in Joe Maddon.

In the national league, Price can easily dominate.

Nevertheless, from years past, we learn that if the Yankees want that player, they'll get that player.