Can Mets Not Rely on Homerun for Game 4?

The New York Mets take 9-3 win over the Kansas City Royals, in game three of the World Series and now trail the series 2-1.

The Mets won the way they've winning all year -- by the homerun. They got the hard-throwing pitcher Yordano Ventura, to hit the ball out of the ballpark. Mets are a good fastball hitting team. But now, tonight, they're gonna face a much different style of pitching. Also a pitcher who beat them on extra inning in game one.

Chris Young starts tonight for the Royals.

With the Mets relying very much on the homerun to win games. When they hit homeruns they simply win. But tonight, with the Royals throwing Young on the mound, whose very different pitcher than the hard-throwing Ventura, that can be an issue.

This Met offense had trouble with Young in game one, with his deception and offspeed pitches.

The reason why Young is so good at getting hitters out with a 90-mph fastball, is because he's so tall, at 6'10, when he throws the ball the batter is thinking the pitch is gonna get there quicker and the batter quickens up his swing. His wingspan to the strikezone causes that deception.

It's the same thing with closer David Robertson. When I watched him with the Yankees, he would blow hitters away with a 92-mph, that seem like it's 99-mph. But the reason for that was his wingspan to home plate. Robertson's windup finish is almost off the pitchers mound, that got him closer to the catcher and got his fastball a lot quicker than batters expected.

So this Mets lineup is gonna have a problem with Young if they're looking to force the ball out of the ballpark.

The best thing for the Mets to do is to stay back. Let Young's pitches travel in the strikezone a bit. Try to hit the offspeed stuff and lay off his high, running fastball. And you can stay and let the travel a bit because he's not gonna really blow you away. It's an illusion.

I also notice the way Young got the Met hitters out of in game one, were by strikes that out of the strikezone. He either got them out from a high fastball or a low changeup diving down. The Mets have to lay off that and force walks.

The Mets cannot rely on the homerun. Especially against a crafty pitcher like Young. Go the opposite way on his pitches; also, if Curtis Granderson is on first a couple times, I'm having him steal a few bags. He's the only Met who can run and Young's windup is slow to homeplate.

Wilmar Flores almost hit a homerun in game one against Young, in extra innings. It was a foul ball, that he was just early on it. Flores nearly gave the Mets the lead. And Flores is the perfect bat against Young since Flores can stay back with his swing. He swing at the ball very late and short.

As for the Mets starter Steven Matz, all he can do is try to execute his pitches. There's really no game plan against the Royals hitters.

I would tell Matz to change eye level of the hitters. He can throw his curveball and changeup very low in the dirt that gets hitters to swing-and-miss. With that, I would throw my fastball high in the strikezone. With his offspeed stuff diving low, he can fool the Royals batters by him throwing that high 95-mph fastball. The Royals will either swing and miss, or popup the fastball.

This Royals offense like to swing at the ball. That means Matz has to get more contact outs than strikeouts. He's gotta throw his offspeed pitches for strikes. Matz, like Young, has to be crafty against these Royals hitters. They're a great fastball hitting team.

PREDICTION: If the Mets give Young trouble early, I like the Mets winning this game. I can see Matz giving up a couple runs, but holds down the Royals enough to keep the Mets in the game.

And I say Flores will have a big night.