All Videos of Jimmy Kimmel Interviews in Brooklyn

What a week last week was for Jimmy Kimmel having his show in Brooklyn. I thought did was a new thing he was doing, but I didn't he's done this before. And I loved it. I wish he can stay full-time.

You can tell Jimmy wants to stay too.

With the Mets in the World Series and Jimmy being a Mets fan, it made the week even better.

I wonder if in the future would he ever come to Brooklyn. I know New York City already has Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert, but they're in Manhattan. We don't have a late night host in Brooklyn.

Every show was done so well. It was fun atmosphere. I have to get tickets next time.

Here all the interviews he did last week.

Bill Murray's Interview

PART 2 of Bill Murray

JAY-Z's Interview

PART 2 of Jay-Z

Marty McFly & Doc Brown Appear are on Kimmel

Michael J.Fox's Interview

Bernie Sander's Interview
Bradley Cooper's Interview 
Part 2 of Cooper's Interview
Howard Stern's Interview

PART 2 of Stern

The Mets Interview

Public Enemy Performs