Witnessing my family and friends who are Met fans, celebrate this long awaited semi moment (it's a semi moment, because they haven't won the World Series yet) is sweet to see.

I'm a Yankee fan, but when I see the people that you love become happy, it makes me happy. I'm also happy for other Met fans I don't know, because they're New Yorkers and I love this city, and I wanted them to feel this high, that I've been through many times as a Yankee fan. Also, I'm Knicks fan -- I know exactly what Met fans go through every year.

For years, Met fans have been watching us Yankee fans celebrate year after year. Now it's time for them to get their moment; a moment they haven't celebrated since the year 2000.

But Met fans wanna celebrate like it's 1986.

This Met Team

I don't wanna give the full review of the entire postseason since they have one more mountain to climb, which is winning a World Series, although I still can't believe the New York Mets are National League Champions. It's serial.

If you told me or any Met fan that they'd be in the World Series in the beginning of the season, the mindset would be that the Mets beyond overachieved. A World Series appearance, let alone, is like winning the whole thing. That's if you told that to a Met fan in April. But now, if they don't win a title, it's gonna be a major disappointment.

They're opponent could be the Kansas City Royals, they're up 3-2 against the Toronto Blue Jays, heading back to Kansas City.

At first, the way the Royals looked, I felt there was no way the Mets would beat them. Now...I'm starting to feel like the baseball gods are on their side. The Mets have destiny riding in them, this year. Although, I don't think they'll sweep the Royals, but they would be favorites to win it all.

If the Mets had to face the Blue Jays, that would be bad. Not just because who they are, with their big power bats, but for the fact that they'll have to win two in Kansas City to make the World Series -- if they do that, they're gonna having a lot of confidence entering a series against the Mets.

Remember, the Blue Jays should've been eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. They got by the Texas Rangers being down 0-2, were gifted rapped a win in game five and if they were to get by the Royals after being down 3-1, they'll feel like they can do anything. The confidence would be up the roof. Mets would not want to see that team in the World Series. And I can see the Jays hitting the Met pitching staff, since they like to throw the hard fastball. The Jays can hit the fastball, as we know.

But whoever it is they meet in the World Series, all it matters is the Mets are FOUR WINS AWAY from being World Champions... Wow...