SNL Cast Has No Freedom, Anymore

Watching Tina Fey at Saturday's newly episode of "Saturday Night Live", showed me there's a big difference between the SNL of today and years backs.

Not taking anything away from Tracy Morgan's return on Saturday, which was really great to see. Wasn't the greatest show, but it was still good to see him return on television, looking well, speaking well and looking to get everyone pregnant.

But Morgan was on SNL for one night. Just like how Tina Fey was on for one night. Those two greats aren't gonna help SNL get through season 41; today's cast can't help the show the way those two can. Boy, only if the cast had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, like the freedom Fey had as a cast member, SNL wouldn't have to bring back old faces to help the show get ratings.

When I watched Fey perform on the Weekend Update sketch, I noticed how loose and natural she is. She gave me a quick flashback on how fun and loose SNL use to be. Then you look to the side of Fey and watch Collin Jost and Michael Che, how stiff they are, you can see the difference from back then and today's cast, and how they aren't given the freedom to perform and do whatever they need to be funny, like it was in the past.

This isn't the cast's fault. It's the writers, the suits working in SNL that are making the show suck. Seems like the cast 'can't do this', they 'can't do that'. Instead, they have to do sketches on what the suits want.

Let me add in the fact that some of the cast write some of these sketches. And you can tell when the cast puts together a sketch, it's actually funny.

Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan wrote a sketch together, where they were two employees thinking they were about to get fired and they decide to rant on each co-worker. You can tell the creativity of the sketches, when it's being done by a cast member.

Sure, a lot of it isn't the cast's fault. But some of the cast members they have, you have to question whether they're comedians.

I hate to be the asshole who has to say "the truth" but watching someone Sasheer Zamata, I wonder if she's really into comedy? I don't see 'funny' in what she does. There can be someone whose not funny, but trying to be funny -- Zamata is not even trying to be funny! Sometimes I wonder if she really likes comedy at all.

Same goes to Pete Davidson. Is he on SNL because he can entertain, or is on SNL because a lot of teenagers know who he is and they're trying to get that demographic to start watching?

Davidson is not a comedic entertainer. And if he is, I don't see any sketches that fit him. The only thing he does well is when he tells a story at the weekend update table.

SNL wants ratings -- okay, well, you gotta start performing like you want ratings. It's either their writers hate their job, or they're very timid to talk about certain things. Or, writers are coming from different areas...we don't know about.

I'm not a Amy Schumer fan, but when she hosted a week ago, at least she entertained the viewers. She was loud, energetic; Schumer performed like she wanted to be there.

Same thing with Jimmy Fallon. I don't really find his stuff that funny, but at least he breaks a sweat when he's entertaining. He's giving you whatever he's got. Fallon performs to his strength. You gotta respect that. While today's SNL cast members, are not!

Now, does SNL miss some of their old cast who've left in the past couple of years? Absolutely. They miss Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and they sure as hell miss Fred Armisen. Those are big, big loses. Very difficult to replace that talent.

Although, SNL has had talent and didn't do anything with them. Couple of years ago they had cast member by the name of Brooke Wheelan, who I thought personally, had massive potential. And they let him go. I guess they let him go because they felt like he wasn't good enough. I don't know how, since never gave him a chance... But what do I know...

But fine, SNL wants to keep Davidson and Zamata -- okay. But give them the freedom to perform. Like when you gave Chris Farley, Will Ferrell, Cheri Oteri, Armisen, Hader the privilege to let loose on stage. Either that or get the old writers backs.