Can DeGrom Do It Again?

Who gets the big hit, who gets the big out. That's what its all about for tonight's Game Five of the NLDS, between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Can Jacob DeGrom do it again? Can he pitch as well as he did in Game One? That's the question to me. If you're a Met fan, that's what you're worried about. You know DeGrom was so great in Game One, where he struck out 13 batters, allowed no runs and did all that while beating Clayton Kershaw on the road, it's worrisome in a elimination if he can do that again.

That's why if the Mets lose tonight and DeGrom doesn't have a great game, you can't rip DeGrom. He's going against another great pitcher tonight in Zack Greinke, whose had a Cy Young season, to beat him on the road is a lot to ask.

Nevertheless, the Mets can still win this game. Not impossible. And the one thing going for them is that the Dodgers have no offense. Sure, they can get a big hit or hit a big homerun tonight, but if DeGrom can hit his spots he can get them out. They have no one threatening in that lineup.

When I watch DeGrom pitch, I'm amazed how batters have a hard time against him. To me, all he has is a 97-mph fastball, he hits the corners with it; and that's a great thing to have, but his secondary pitches look like very ordinary. His change-up is okay, his slider too, but it doesn't look unhittable. Obviously, easier said watching from my living room.

I don't think DeGrom would be that great in the American League.

That being said, with DeGrom already pitching a great game against the Dodgers in their ballpark, which was a game not that far ago, I don't see the Dodgers having a hard time picking up DeGrom.

Then on the other side, you have Greinke. Who wasn't bad, wasn't great, but can be great and is due to have a great game.

This is gonna be a low scoring game. Whichever team scores more than three runs, wins this game.

I'll Predict: If Mets win this game, the bat comes through for them will be Michael Conforto. He hit a homerun against Greinke in Game Two. Not gonna say he hits another homerun off him, but maybe a big bases loaded clearing double.