VIDEO: Giants Game Winning TD against Niners

By far the biggest win of the season, for the New York Football Giants.

Not gonna count Victor Cruz, but for having Rueben Randle out and Odell Beckham almost out throughout this entire last drive in the game-winning 4th quarter, that was an unbelievable job Eli Manning.

Manning looked like Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte last night. When Pettitte didn't have his great stuff, he would grind and find ways to win. That's what Manning did. He didn't have his best receivers out their, he made short passes, some slants, Manning himself running the ball to complete a first down. He sliced, he diced and touchdown and the victory.

Not only was this a big win for the way he came back, but they now took over first place in the east.

On to Philadelphia, next Monday on ESPN. That should be fun.