The Slide Was An Accident

You know, I was watching every single postgame from TBS, SNY, MLB Network, and I was agreeing with the majority of folks who thought Chase Utley's slide to second base that broke the leg of Met shortstop Ruben Tejada was wrong.

But when I took my focus away from Utley and looked how Tejada was turning the double play, the verdict is: an accident.

It was an accident! Utley did what you're taught to do when you're young and that's the right to slide in hard into the infielder, when the infielder is turning a double play.

Utley didn't mean to break Tejada's leg. I know that for a fact. But the reason why Tejada did break his leg, is because both players -- Utley and Tejada -- did not see each other. That's all.

With Tejada trying to turn a 360 double and Utley wasn't expecting Tejada to do that, caused a crash between both players. If Tejada saw where Utley was coming in, instead of having his back to the play and not seeing Utley come in, it would've been a different outcome. Tejada probably doesn't get hurt and jumps out of the way.

Was Utley slide hard? Yes. But that always happens. We've seen worst! The Utley slide looks 'that bad' because Tejada had his back turned to Utley.

And it's not Tejada's fault either. Those sorta things just happens. We don't need to change the rule or have Utley arrested, or have Utley sentences to be Tejada's butler (Seinfeld fans would get that joke).

The L.A Dodgers were down 2-1, Noah Snydergaard was shutting them down and Utley was trying anyway he could to get that tying run from home. This is the PLAYOFFS. This isn't a May game. It's October and the Dodgers needed to do anything they could to tie the game, before going down 0-2 in the series.

Even Utley hurt his own head in that slide. That shows you enough evidence he didn't see Tejada making that 360 play.