Now Yankees Must Play Hard in Game 162

I think any Yankee player, coach, fan can agree with me when I say: this season has become an emotional roller coaster.

The first half of the season was great. Second half was becoming a panic attack with the Toronto Blue Jays making an run and taking over first place. Then we became accepted to a wild card spot, by having the first spot and home field advantage. Now the Yankees might lose home field on the last game of the season.

Now the Yankees have to play their whole a-lineup for the last game of the season at Baltimore against the Orioles, and play the game in general like they're fighting for a playoff spot.

If this team has to play one-game wild card in Houston or in Texas, I don't like their chances. Is bad enough they haven't been playing at home, they're try to win a wild card game on the road?

If the Houston Astros lose tomorrow to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Yankees clinch home field. But with them already winning two games in the series and having to win the third game, they're not gonna lose that game tomorrow.

So the Yankees have to win tomorrow. Don't worry about whose winning or losing in the scoreboard. Just win tomorrow and get ready to start a playoff game in the Bronx. It's amazing how I have to be stressed and frustrated about the last game of the season, after clinching a wild card spot. It's unbelievable. I thought I was gonna be able to kick my feet up this weekend -- and watch football! No! It can't be that way! Smh...

When the Yankees clinched a playoff spot on Thursday, I was thrilled and excited. But I knew the Yankees were just playing one game. They're not officially in "October". But with a chance of playing that one game at your home ballpark, I feel good about advancing to the ALDS.

It was unfortunate how the Yankees lost the second game of the doubleheader, which an Oriole run coming home from third due to a Dellin Betances pass ball. Giving the Orioles a 4-3 lead the bottom eighth. Tough to lose a game that way.

But on the first game of the DH, they left a village of players on base. Inning after inning, Yankees could not bring in a run.


It's great to see Refsnyder get hot in these last couple of games. He for sure is playing himself into the postseason roster. I like how he's contact hitter; yes he can hit the ball out of the ballpark too, but with the lineup whose a homerun or lose type team, they need a contact hitter who can hit the ball to all fields.

At this point, against a lefty, I'd bat Refsnyder second. Normally Chase Headley would bat second against a lefty pitcher, but the way he's slumping, I'd bat Refsnyder.

Young players tend to make their name in October.

I'd even add Slade Heathcott on the postseason. I love his energy.


Get this win tomorrow afternoon and get a plane back to the Bronx and get ready for one-game wild card. No more monkey business.