Should Beltran & A-Rod Switch Batting Orders?

Might be time to move Alex Rodriguez down the order... Just to the cleanup spot.

I know A-Rod has 32-homeruns and can get hot at any point this week, or maybe in the Wild Card game, but as of right now he's not hitting consistently enough to bat third. Especially with the Yankees not hitting in general.

Who should bat third? Carlos Beltran.

Beltran is the hot bat right now and the most consistent hitter in the lineup.

In that one-game Wild Card game next week, barring something drastic where the Yankees lose the first wild card spot, they're gonna be at home. And I like the idea of having Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner and Beltran batting in the first inning.

Lets say the Yankees face a right-handed pitcher in that wild card game -- Beltran is gonna bat from the left side, where he can hit homerun in that first inning with the short porch in right field, to get the early lead.

If the Yankees were going against a lefty pitcher -- okay, I'd leave A-Rod batting third, but it won't hurt to bat Beltran third.

And again, I understand A-rod has 32-homeruns, with 85 RBIs; a remarkable comeback season. But right now I feel that he's little tired and is trying to do a little too much at the plate. Take the pressure off him in the first inning and move him down a spot.

Yankees have to do whatever they can to score runs in that game next week. I feel the pitching is gonna be fine, it's the hitting that worries me at the moment. They've been very inconsistent offensively.

Beltran with runners in first and second with none out, is no doubt looking for a three-run homer. Though he can hit a single or double, to get that runner home. Beltran is the better contact hitter. Where A-Rod is too much of a slugger to get an easy run home; his bat can get too long for situations like that. I like A-Rod in a position where he has the bases loaded and none out, because with his effortless power he can hit a sacrifice fly or a homerun.

I would bat Beltran third and A-Rod fourth this week against the Boston Red Sox. Why not try it out now.