Yankees: Contributions, SABATHIA & Blue Jays

I think most Yankee fans like myself don't care about beating the Mets; or what it means to "take back the town". I'm just glad the Yankees won on a day the Toronto Blue Jays lost.

Sure, Yankees beating a hot team like the Mets is good for the Yankees. But taking a series on the same time the Blue Jays lose two-out-of-three, is even better.

How about this, Yankees lose Mark Teixeira for the season and replaced him with a rookie and July acquisition that's been under the radar.

Last night, that July acquisition, Dustin Ackley hits a huge three-run homerun. Then in the top eighth, Greg Bird, the 22-year old rookie replacing the veteran Teixeira, hits a three-run homer to make the score 11-1, to clear the seats in Citi Field.

So, you can pretty much say Bird and Ackley are replacing Teixeira's offensive numbers. Sure neither can hit from the right side, but with Bird hitting these big homeruns and Ackley basically winning two games in two Sundays for the Yankees, this team might have gotten deeper and younger without Teixeira.

Before Ackley got injured, he was suppose to replace Stephen Drew. Well...now he is.

Ackley's a nice bat; he's not the defender Drew is, but a much more versatile bat.

Then you have Bird whose basically replaced Teixeira's power, with 8 homeruns.


I have to say hit name in capital letters, since he's been so damn good.

C.C Sabathia, from his past three games, looks like he wants to the game two starter in the postseason. That's how good he's pitched.

In the first inning of last night's game, with Ruben Tejada hits a leadoff double, then David Wright follows that with another double to bring in the first run. Now I'm thinking, uh oh, it's gonna be one of those starts for Sabathia.

But then he battled and grind the next batters by striking out Yoenis Cespedes and Juan Uribe, walks Travis d'Arnaud and Lucas Duda after falling behind and ends up getting out Michael Cuddyer on foul fly ball out.

If it's as simple as it being the knee brace, then so be it. Whatever makes Sabathia pitch well, this Yankee club needs it. They need a lefty in the rotation.

Sabathia still has mindset of an ace. He believes he's suppose to go out there every fifth day and win. And when have that mentality, you don't need a 96-mph fastball.

Right now, if the Yankees make it to the ALDS, I want Sabathia out there. If his next two starts are this good, I might want him to pitch game two.

What a lift for this resurgent C.C Sabathia.


After hearing it from Met fans over the week, Yankees gotta go to war tonight as they start a three game set against the Blue Jays at Toronto.

Tonight's gonna be Adam Warren vs. David Price. This game may favor the Jays, but I like feel the feel of this team right now, after winning a big series in Queens, I can see the Yankees having some goos at-bats against Price.

Yankees might be feeling good tonight and this whole series. The Jays have to prove something to the Yankees this week, believe or not. I know the Jays beat the Yanks three-out-of-four, but they're in a comfortable position in the wild card. Of course they want to win the division in the worst way, but all the Yankees have to do is win two games in this series. They do that, they'll be 1.5 games outs.

With Troy Tulowitzki out, all the Yankees have to do is get out Josh Donaldson - which isn't easy at all. Try to get Jose Bautista out -- which's not easy either. Then walk Edwin Encarnacion. Don't have to pitch to him.

If the Yankee pitchers can make work out of those three hitters, they can beat this team. The Blue Jays rely heavily on Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion's power. Make one of them beat the Yankees in this series. And I know one of them can carry a team, but I feel if they can consistently get two of the three big bats out, that won't hurt the Yankees.