Yankees: 17 Left to Play

The beginning of the second half to the season had this 'now or never' type mentality, in the MLB. But for the Yankees, with seventeen games left to play and 3.5 games out of the A.L East, THEY FOR SURE have a 'now or never' statement to go by, if they want to win the division.

As of right, the Yankees will see October in Yankee Stadium. But it might be for one night -- with them leading comfortably in the first wild card.

Right now, my mentality is the one game wild card for the Yankees. I'm not even thinking clinching the east at this moment. Even with the Yankees have three games left with the Toronto Blue Jays, a three-game series that'll start Monday. Unless there's a case where the Yankees become 2.5 games out (or less) by the end of this weekend, then I can maybe start to think bigger.

The age and injuries on this team is just simply too much to ask for the Yankees to overcome a 3.5 games with seventeen left to play. Of course it's possible; we've seen it happen a lot. But with this team playing inconsistent as it is, it's tough to ask.

With the Yankees playing the New York Mets this weekend at Citi Field, we're not gonna see Alex Rodriguez since there's no DH, that's even more of factor to why it'd be difficult for the Yankees to overcome this. If they wanna win this division, they need A-Rod in the lineup everyday. Especially with no Mark Teixeira!

Going into this series with the Mets, Yankees will have very little power. You're gonna have to ask Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran to hit the ball out of the ball park.

Yankees are gonna see two of the Mets best pitchers in this series, in Noah Syndergaard on Saturday(tomorrow) and Matt Harvey on Sunday night.

Tonight, the Mets are sending out their young lefty Steven Matz and Yanks will send out Masahiro Tanaka. I like this game tonight for the Yankees. Tanaka has been great and Matz, who is also very good, I feel the Yankees will be able to hit.

Would Yankees Play Rob Refsynder Tonight? 

Yankees have a heavy lefty lineup, right now. Against Matz, most likely Stephen Drew will sit down and Brendan Ryan will second. But would Yankee skipper Joe Girardi take a risk and give Refsynder a shot at second tonight, against the Mets? If not, you could see Refsynder be pinch-hit for a pitcher in this series.

Blue Jays 

The Jays will play at home this weekend against the Boston Red Sox. Boston has been playing very well, consider where they're are in the standings. Red Sox could give the Jays trouble this weekend. They did take two from three against the Jays earlier this month.

If the Yankees really want to make a run at the division, they have to hope the Red Sox, at least, win one of those games against the Blue Jays at Toronto. And the Yankees have to take two from three against the Mets; a sweep would be better; a sweep could help them gain a game this weekend.

Let's say the Yankees go into Monday in Toronto down 2.5 games out in the east and take the series by winning two from three. They'll be 1.5 games out, with Thursday having the Blue Jays off and the Yankees starting a series against the Chicago White Sox, Yankees could gain half a game off the Jays -- which would make them only a game out of the east.

Even if they entered the Jays series down 3.5, they could leave Toronto down 2.5 games out and be only 2-games out this week, with thirteen games left to play. A lot to ask, but in order for this to happen the Yankees have to take two from the Met series and hope the Red Sox take one from the Jays.