Mike Francesa going to SNY?

That's what one caller said! Well...the caller didn't really confirm anything, but a caller did call up Mike Francesa today on his show and the person told Francesa that he was seen going into the SNY building.

Francesa did confirm that he was in the SNY headquarters -- he even nonchalantly confirmed he basically walked right in from the front door -- but Francesa said there was no deal in place. But he did say that -- obviously -- SNY has expressed major interest in having Francesa do a simulcast of his radio show on their network.

Boy, if SNY can get Francesa on their network, that'd be huge. And it can very well happen. Francesa would love to compete with Michael Kay's show on the YES network and SNY (which is primarily a New York Mets channel) would love to show up the New York Yankees YES channel, combined with the Mets having a winning team.

It's funny how SNY is talking with Francesa about a potential simulcast, because I always thought SNY would've had Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno do a simulcast. Being that they're both Met fans, SNY didn't have any radio hosts, Francesa (at the time) was with YES and Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason have had their own simulcast for a while now, Roberts/Benigno seemed perfect for SNY.

Well, looks like Francesa will beat them to it.

I don't know why Francesa just didn't sign with the MSG network, after he left YES. Instead, he signed with Fox Sports. I love the MSG channel; like SNY, they're a very 'New York City' flavored channel. They're always showing old movies that were based in New York City like "Serpico" and "Saturday Night Fever"; they have a lot of these shows based on moments of Madison Square Garden, with New York born celebrities talking about those moments on the show; the network gives THEIR audience what they like.

MSG network is also my favorite channel during the winter since I'm a Knicks fan. And the New York Knicks would love to have Francesa on their network.

I even felt Boomer and Carton should've stayed on MSG. They're just not the same anymore on CBS.

Though, Francesa on SNY? Why not. The only problem with SNY is, they have two pretty good shows that televise around 5:00 and 5:30 pm. "Daily News Live" at 5 and "Loud Mouths" at 5:30. That being said, Francesa's show is from 1:00 pm to 6:30. Not sure if the big man would take a 1 to 5:00 pm show. 
You know, NY Daily News writer Bob Raissman whose known to bash Francesa daily, is at times on the "Daily News Show". How'd you think Raissman feel if Francesa bumped him from the network...
As of right now, nothing is set in stone. Just gotta wait and see. I just wanna see the big man back on television - no matter what channel he's on.