Stephen Colbert: Dawning of a New Era

If I wanted to make a cruel, vintage joke, I'd say: Tonight, a four-eye is replacing another four-eye.

And it's vintage because no one uses the word 'four-eye', anymore.

But anyways! Welcome to New York City, Mr.Stephen Colbert as he takes over the "The Late Show". It's a dawning of new era, as we add another new face to the late night host world.

As we'll always remember the good times David Letterman gave us through the years, now it's time for Colbert to give us his reason to smile and laugh, everyday. We will find out what's his opinion in what life and funny, should be about.

I'm excited. This is big. In New York City, this is a big deal for the fact that Colbert is taking over the Johnny Carson of late night New York. Letterman is Carson in this city -- and will always be.

I'm beginning to realize that Colbert is a 'now' product. Meaning: CBS wants instant ratings. They want a veteran replacing 'the man'. They want experience. Someone whose gonna win now and not have to wait for results in the future.

If CBS wanted someone for the long, long run, they would've gotten someone younger. Like NBC, they wanted youth viewers, so they went with Jimmy Fallon. Someone who captures the young adults. While Colbert, might here to capture Letterman's fanbase and little of the young, if they're interested.

What I like about Colbert is, he's bringing something new to late show world. We have Fallon whose the goofball whose gonna do cartwheels all the floor; there's Seth Meyers whose the excellent in interviewer with the cerebral comedy, then there's Jimmy Kimmel who has the pop-culture wit, now we have the clean cut, political viewer in Colbert, who too - like Fallon, can be a goofball.

I never watched "The Daily Show" or "The Colbert Report" because I was never into politics. Or in other words: I'm too stupid to understand that. Though, I've seen glimpses of Colbert's work to know he looks like a fit for the late show, but more importantly I've seen full views of him at the Emmys accepting awards, year after year. That's probably enough for me to realize he can replace David Letterman. And I'm pretty sure CBS thinks the same.

No question, Colbert taking over is gonna be something to getting use to. It's gonna be different for the viewers and him. The question is, will his style of funny be good enough for national television. He's got the creditably. He's got the hardware to show for it. But now he's headed to -- lets face it -- mainstream.

A lot of people watch "Comedy Central". I've been watching "South Park" since I've been in pre-school. But CBS in primetime is not Comedy Central. This is a totally different monster, where he's gonna have to compete with a Fallon and Kimmel, who already know who their celebrity friends and fans are.

Colbert is gonna get political guests. He's gonna get mayors, governors, former presidents, political journalist -- he's got those guests in the bag. Even the comedians, too. That's gonna be the diverse line drawn between him Fallon and Kimmel. You wanna watch Adam Levine on Fallon or Chris Christie on Colbert?

As the old saying goes, you rather replace 'the man' who replaced 'the man', instead of you replacing the man. But there's good chance Colbert becomes 'the man' very quickly in New York City.