Yankees & Mets: The Dogs Days Are Upon Us

Well, ready or not, here comes September baseball.

Usually, September baseball in New York City is usually focused in the Bronx. Not the case this year. Queens homes will be lighting up electric bills.

Not only the New York Mets having meaningful baseball in September is exciting, but the last two years Yankee baseball in September hasn't been all that exciting itself. Yankees missing the postseason for the last two seasons is like missing the playoffs for ten straight years. Fans and management want to get back there.

Having the Yankees and Mets playing meaningful baseball in September feels like it's snowing in Christmas. It happens once every decade, it seems.

Also, both teams play each other at Citi Field, which could be bad for the Yankees who. As a Yankee fan, that's a little worrisome for me.

As for the Mets, they're sitting pretty 6.5 game lead in the N.L East with 31 games left to play. And I know, I know, Met fans will always have 2007 and 2008 hunting them. But remember, those Met teams had no pitching. Totally different world this time around, for the amazin's.


Curtis Granderson & Juan Uribe: I'd be worried about the Mets if they didn't have these two players. Granderson and Uribe have been there and done that -- they know what it takes to get to the finish line in September and hoist that division flag; they've been to October. Veterans like these are so needed with a young ball club like the Mets.

Not only Granderson and Uribe are great clubhouse veterans, but they're also playing well! If you're a N.L team making the postseason, you don't want to see this Met team in a five-game series. They're dangerous.

THE BULLPEN: If there was one big, fat question mark about this Met team, it's the bullpen. They must find a way to get through this month.

Steven Matz is gonna be interesting player coming in the September call-ups, because the Mets can use him in the bullpen. They can use him coming out of the bullpen in September and in the playoffs. Combine with the acquisition of Addison Reed, Mets can look stronger in that pen.

All the Mets have to do in September is keep the line moving and beat the Washington Nationals when you see them.


A LOT of things have to be the key for the Yankees.

Believe or not, the main worry about this team is the offense. Sure, they have to pitch well, but the offense is the mystery now. They either score twenty run or don't hit at all.

Situational hitting. That's the main key for this Yankee club heading into September. They've got to get the big hit, and they're gonna need a couple of those big hits, in those sevens games against the Toronto Blue Jays.

If the Yankees want to win the A.L East, it's gonna come toward the end of the season. Unless the Yankees beat the Jays all those seven games they meet and maybe clinching earlier -- which would be nice.

I don't think the Yankees are done in the A.L East. Reason why: Blue Jays are due to have a bad month. They were too hot in August, having a 21-6 record last month, are due to come down to earth a bit. Just like how the Yankees were red hot in July and cooled off in August, and on top of that, lost the A.L East lead.


Alex Rodriguez. When A-Rod hits, Yankees win. And with Mark Teixeira out, might be headed to the D.L due to that shin injury, that puts little pressure on A-Rod to hit. But the Yankees need him to get hot again and go on these stretches where he gets two homeruns a game.