Yankees: Is the Reyes Interest, Serious?

I've been shrugging at this rumor.

No one should take the Yankees interest on Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes, seriously. But you can't take it seriously because it doesn't make sense -- it makes plenty of sense.

I just doesn't make sense for what it is. Reyes to the Yankees? That's a big move. Probably be one of the biggest baseball acquisitions in August.

But there's a lot of factors to this. Like, for an example: How much are the Rockies asking for? We all think it won't be much, since all the Yankees have to do is take Reyes' contract. Though what do we know...

Or would the Yankees be willing to take Reyes' $22 million dollar per year contract. Reyes is schedule to make $22 million in 2016, 2017 and in 2018, but in '18 he had a $4 million dollar buyout. So the Yankees would only pay for the two seasons, since they can easily buyout the last year.

If the Yankees were still in first place, by 7-games, this move wouldn't even be talked about. Now that the Yankees lost first place, with the growing possibility of them playing in the one game wild card, they have to take this into consideration. Especially how poor the Yankees offense can look.

And the Yanks lost first place to a legit team. The Toronto Blue Jays offense and all around team looks a lot better than the Yankees. If the Bombers want to retake first place and compete for the A.L East division title, they have upgrade their offense.

Which means they can't have Didi Gregorius have these inconsistent offensive months, and they certainly can't have Stephen Drew not hitting all. That middle infield needs an offensive upgrade, if they wanna compete with the Blue Jays in September for the division title.

Reyes makes plenty of sense. Not only because he's not an everyday shortstop anymore and has stated he's willing to move to second base, but he can platoon with Gregorius at short, when the Yankees have to hit against a lefty pitcher. Gregorius defensively, is much better than Reyes at this point, but Gregorius can't hit lefties at all -- he's batting .192 against them. You have that, with Drew, that's a horrid middle infield.

Tonight, the Yankees faced Houston Astros ace Dallas Keuchel -- Gregorius looked so overmatched against him. On nights the Yankees face a tough lefty like that, they can stick Reyes at short.

Reyes being a switch-hitter, makes sense for him to be in pinstripes since Yankees love switch-hitters. They already have three of them in the lineup. Why not a fourth.

I guarantee you this, if Reyes came to the Bronx, he'd be a better base stealer than Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner.

You bat him ninth in that lineup, he'll become a dangerous piece for the Yankees. Reyes is the type of player who can win the Yankees a game in extra innings, all by himself and just by using his legs. In an extra inning, September game, Reyes can single handedly be the winning run, or go ahead run.

How about those seven games Yankees play in September against the Blue Jays. You don't Reyes would be upbeat playing those games, to his former team who traded him.

The way the Jays look, the way they easily score in double digits, Yankees have to counter them with a move like Reyes.

If the Yankees aren't get Reyes, then bring up Rob Refsnyder. If they wanna do that either, then I can't believe them wanting to make the postseason this year. Yankees cannot just give up, after leading the east throughout the entire season and watch the Blue Jays snatch it away from them.