WE GON' BE AL-ROD: A-Rod Slumps Out in Grand Fashion

He's back...

Alex Rodriguez coming to bat in the bottom 7th, with one out, bases loaded, Yankees down 4-1 -- it was time for A-Rod come out of this slump. You can feel it in the air. It was time for him to get back to his magical season. And boy, with that grand slam which gave the Yankees a 5-4 lead, talk about coming out of a slump in clutch fashion.

He comes out of a slump, hits a homerun after being without homerun since late July and saves C.C Sabathia, the bullpen and team from not losing a game where the Toronto Blue Jays were winning -- with one swing of the bat, A-Rod solved everything.

Seeing A-Rod come to bat in that inning, I'm thinking: 'Oh boy, if he grounds into a double play, is he gonna get it from the fans.' Since he's been really slumping in August, he could get booed. But the other side of me felt good about A-Rod coming to bat. Yankees were losing, but when he was walking to the plate, there was a special feeling in the air.

When he that ball, the crowd erupted! And they roared when the ball was still in the air -- it didn't even land yet. Shows you how much A-Rod crushed that pitched.

[mlbvideo id="383285583" width="400" height="224" /]

This homerun tonight, reminded me so much of the homerun A-Rod hit in game two of the 2009 ALDS, in the bottom ninth off Joe Nathan, against these Minnesota Twins. It was almost hit in the same exact spot, which landed in right center field, right in the Yankee bullpen.

I've watched A-Rod as a Yankee for ten seasons, now eleven, and this was the first time as a Yankee player, I've seen him trot around the bases like he was the king of New York. The way he hit the homerun, looked at his teammates at the dugout, dropped the bat, and trotted around the bases looking at the fans, with look on his face as if to say: 'Yea, you like that, right?'

That homerun felt very, very, very good to Alex.

With the Blue Jays beating the Philadelphia Phillies, Yanks down 4-1, a grand slam like that can give a team feel unbeatable.

Just when you thought A-Rod was out -- he PULLS you back in! What a season.